external drive strategy

  1. P

    Moved photos to external drive; now LR shows no photos

    I knew this would be fraught with risk, but I really needed to move my photos (several thousand files) to an external drive. After doing that, I can see the correct volume in LR, as well as the parent folder and the folder that contains the photos. However, the latter shows no photos now...
  2. H

    Catalogs Using M1 MacBook Air as an external SSD drive for a Lightroom Catalog with the new Mac Studio

    Hello, Could this work? Lightroom Catalog on M1 MacBook Air. M1 MacBook Air connected to Mac Studio via Thunderbolt 4. Using Lightroom Catalog on M1 MacBook Air with Lightroom Classic on Mac Studio. Reason I might want to do this is being able to work with my Lightroom Catalog on-the-go (and...
  3. spikey_dave

    Will I encounter issues reformatting ExFAT 32 to APFS

    Dear Forum I use an iMAC with latest OS and Lightroom Classic. I only have a very limited 256 gb SSD hard drive on the iMAC I am currently using two external Samsung T5 SSD drives both formatted in ExFAT One of the SSDs (blue) has my uncatalogued photos which I am migrating to the other SSD...
  4. M

    Library module Intended strategy to use an external drive

    Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 6 (perpetual licence) I am very new to Lr having previously used Nikon Capture NX. I use an ageing Dell XPS with a small (256 Gb) ssd running Windows 10 64 bit; I prefer to spend my money on camera gear and...