1. TexasPilot

    Printing at Costco. Export (TIF/PNG)? or Print To File (JPEG)?

    I have been getting very good prints - especially 12x18, 16x20 and 20x30 at Costco thanks to this forum's advice. From here I learned about monitor calibration (Colormunki) and embedding Costco printer profiles (Dry Creek Photo). The tech at the Costco indicated that I will see no noticeable...
  2. B

    Exporting hierarchical keywords

    Hi is there any way to export a list including ie filename and the hierarchical keywords of the selected images? GeneralIy I use LR/Transporter (for importing and exporting) or ListView for exporting - but non of these extensions exports hierarchical keywords - only somehow flat and sorted...
  3. C

    File Size on export

    So, I captured a image in jpeg and Nef at the same time. I imported the Nef image into Lightroom and imported the jpeg onto Dropbox. I then exported the Nef file from Lightroom to Dropbox as a JPEG. The original Jpeg was about 3mb and the exported JPEG (shot in Nef) was 1.4mb. My question is...
  4. P

    Exporting video keywords to Premiere Elements 14 Organizer

    For the last few years I've imported my videos into Lr. Having used Premiere 5.5 I'd like to move up but only go to the Elements version. I see they have an organizer, the keyword structure seems more rigged. I'm not sure if this is too limiting in being able to add all the keywords I want...
  5. B

    LR/ Mogrify 2 aborts export

    Hello. Am using lightroom cc 6.5.1. When it's exporting my photos it stops and it aborts the export. On the log file I get this mogrify.exe: unable to load module 'C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-7.0.1-Q16\modules\coders\IM_MOD_RL_JPEG_.dll': The specified module could not be found. @...
  6. K

    Issues exporting folder as catalog to external HD

    I am trying to back up old Lightroom folders as a catalog to external HDs so that I can keep all of my edits intact and free up space on my computer. I have been able to successfully export some folders as catalogs in the past, but for some reason it isn't functioning consistently and can't pin...
  7. M

    Export to JPEG - sharpening?

    Hi, I could not find an answer in Victoria's book or in video tutorials: when I want to export my sideshow as JPEGs, I can choose the quality and size, but what about output sharpening? Is it not necessary as it is in the normal export dialogue? I am converting my raws to DNG during import...
  8. P

    Export to Google Photos

    I know this has popped up before. I'm trying to be able to export to Google Photos. I tried using Jeffrey Friedl's a couple of times. Is there any new solution to do this? Frustrating to have all my cell phone pictures up with Google but my 'real' photos sit. Thanks
  9. D

    Colours Change/Darnken when exporting to JPG

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I have a question about exporting photos from LR to JPG files. When I export photos with saturated colours/high dynamic range (i.e. photos of sunsets, etc) to JPG files, the exported photos look darker and some colours are lost. However, the photos without...
  10. E

    Exporting from Aperture to Lightroom Manually

    I've been using LR for almost two years and am finally starting to export older files from Aperture into LR. I'm doing it manually because I never keyworded my Aperture images and now I'm going through them folder by folder, deleting the ones that aren't worth keeping and keywording those that...
  11. G

    Aurora export problem

    Hello all... I hope I explain this correctly. I've been using Aurora HDR pro for a few months now and i've noticed something that is driving me nuts. In the past I would export an image from the develop module to Aurora, do my thing within Aurora, and then when I clicked on ok Aurora would send...
  12. D

    How to export and overwrite?

    I'm new to lightroom, trying to figure out my process flow. I'm stuck at the export step. Here's what I've done: My camera creates a RAW and JPG photo for each photo taken. I imported all the photos into lightroom and converted the raw images to DNG. LR is smart enough to understand that the...
  13. 7GenTX

    LR presets on desktop & laptop

    I want to copy the import and export presets from my desktop to my laptop. I know that these settings are not in the catalog so just copying the catalog will not do the trick. Where are the presets stored and where do I put them on the laptop? Thanks, Kaye
  14. mikecox

    Export parameters are meaningless?????

    I thought I understood the export size and resolution options in Lr Export. I export image sets, to my boss, for posting to a website. I set the long side to 500 pix and resolution to 100 kb. But he insists that the resolution option in irrelevant and that "Lr is confusing" me, by offering...