1. RobOK

    Your broader photo ecosystem

    Hello, With the new versions, not sure where to post this. This is an open ended post, not a specific question. LR is the core of my post processing but I am more and more thinking about the whole ecosystem, somewhat inspired by this podcast/blog from Martin Bailey...
  2. A

    16x9 Frame

    Operating System: Windows 8 Lightroom Version: Lightroom 6.12 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I have recently joined a local photographic club and they only allow 16x9 pictures in competitions. A suggestion...
  3. JamesStewart

    Export Filenumber Name Prefix Not working

    Operating System: MAC os Sierra Lightroom Version: CC 2015.12 Question or Description of Problem: The problem is when I try to export a batch and rename them with the "File naming -> Rename To -> Custom Settings" option and add "Filenumber Name Prefix" to the name, it simply doesnt show...
  4. H

    How to name photos in Lightroom so that I will see them in the same order on a tablet in Adroid?

    How to name photos in Lightroom 3 so that I will see them in the same order on a tablet in Adroid? I ususally name my photos after having created a show in a folder at last like 2017-10-04_Lightroom_1.jpg etc. If I copy such a folder with more than 100 photos on my new tablet Samsung SM-T560...
  5. mikecox

    Export images are dark

    My boss often complains that my images are "too dark" or "muddy". The images I send him are full-size RAW files that I exported as jpg files then zipped and sent to him as email attachments. We are shooting a festival concert series that starts in the daylight and ends after dark, so half...
  6. B

    Exporting for print question/problem

    Hey folks... I recently took a photo in to get printed at 16x20 but the printer said they'd have to crop it and that's not cool. I exported it at 16x20 but at the printers it said it was 14x20...I'm confused. Can anybody give me clarity or advice when it comes to exporting for print? I use...
  7. F

    Multiple Logos while export

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there's any chance to add multiple logos to a bunch of pictures while exporting them from lightroom. (In one export I mean)
  8. C

    Video export usually stops after first of multiple files

    I've had this problem for quite a while and finally decided to contact Adobe about it. I don't often export video but when I do and I'm exporting multiple video files the export will stop sometime after the exporting the first file successfully. If I cancel the export and retry what didn't...
  9. H

    Export to jpeg problem

    I suddenly see a new problem that didn't occur before. After export to jpeg I can't open the jpeg picture. Example: Archive "continued.gif" could not be opened because you have no permission. And next: Archive "continued.png" could not ....and so on. What has happened?
  10. Mike Myers

    Exporting from Lightroom to Microsoft Outlook 2016

    I used to use the 'EXPORT' command to send edited photos either to my hard drive, or to Mac Mail. I got disgusted by Mac Mail, because it has a known bug that it always sends photos as "embedded" (or "inline" as Apple calls it) regardless of settings. That is not what I am asking about here -...
  11. K

    Any way to output 4K video full res with adjustments?

    I shoot mostly stills but do occasionally shoot some short video clips. LR's limited ability to make adjustments to videos was sufficient for me. However, when I got a 5K screen I found that the detail of standard HD video is really disappointing compared to stills. So I started shooting at...
  12. artmaltman

    LR 2015.9 cc crashing upon export

    This newest version of Lightroom brought with it a new problem: crashing during export of jpegs. I've seen others on the net elsewhere post about this problem. Have any of you exerienced this or solved it? Thanks, Art MacBookPro 13" 2015 16g 1TB
  13. Osikani

    Exporting photos to show Capture Date & Time.

    I have a DSLR so I use Lightroom a bit to work. But I have a case in court which demands me to exhibit quite a number of photos ad to make them show the dates and times those photos were captured. Is there a way Lightroom can do this? Please help!
  14. jemostrom

    Export to folder hierarchy by date

    I want to do a favor for some family member and export 5-6000 photos into a folder hierarchy by date. So I want the output files in a hierarchy like this: |-2016 |-----11 |---------05 |---------06 |---------07 |-----12 |---------15 I can't figure out how to do this. Can anyone tell me how to...
  15. P

    Could not create a JPEG that met your limit of

    I am exporting 30 CR2 files as JPEG "Proof" images. I want the images to be as small as possible but still clear enough to be reviewed online by my clients. I have trouble exporting files smaller than 500Kb from Lightroom. I don't understand why this happens..... Yes, I clicked on...
  16. D

    Exported Jpg a lot more grainy than edited photo in lighroom

    My images have a lot more grains only AFTER it's exported. I adjusted my settings in the develop module, including noise reduction. But the images that come out as jpg are noticeably grainier, especially the ones that already have a lot of noise and requires noise reduction. I am comparing with...
  17. RalphS

    Export to New Computer

    I've installed LR on my new desktop computer and want to move all my work from my laptop. I've seen 2 ways to do this: (1) copy the original photos and necessary files (catalogue, presets, previews, smart previews, preferences, plug-ins, publish services) to the external drive and then to the...
  18. B

    Due to backup trouble ...

    caused by updating to 2015.8, I was misled to suspect that my catalog was too large. So, I decided to split it into four parts via catalogexports and removals. Three such exports - each one approximately 10K photos - left me with a 'main' catalog containing 65K photos out of the initial 95K...
  19. Jeff George

    (Didn't) Add to Catalogue

    I am using LR with just enough knowledge to accomplish the basics and today I went a step beyond.... I went through thousands of photos in order to export the ones I want to consider for a project into a new folder I created. So far, so good. What I failed to do, I now realize, is tick the box...
  20. D

    Export setting help ASAP PLEEEEEASE!

    Hey, first time posting. i need to get print files ready for an Exhibition. Its all very late notice, and ive not printed before. I need to send these files tomorrow night at the latest. Im getting confused with all the online forums, so im ironcally posting on one to get a definitive...
  21. Martin Ziaja

    Problem with export option "resize to fit"

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum and first of all would like to say "hi"! :-) My problem showed up (probably) after the last update. Usually, I export files for the internet using "export" and "resize to fit" with the option of "width & height", setting 1280px for width and 590px for height...
  22. A

    exporting titles with proper punctuation

    HI; I want to export photos with the titles I entered in Lightroom, but each word has an underscore between them after export. Is there a way to use proper punctuation on export? thanks Alison
  23. M

    Lightroom not exporting a set of photos

    HELP! 290 of my photos (shot by someone else, edited by me) will not export from the latest version of lightroom. It says that they are exporting, but only 3 of the files end up in the place they are instructed to go. I have never experienced this before... this is my fourth try exporting them...
  24. L

    Export to New Catalogue by Date

    Hi guys, Run into a tricky situation and thought I'd come here for some help. I'm trying to organise an image catalogue with around 100,000 images, pulled from various folders set up by people working without asset management in mind, or indeed any knowledge of the existence of Lightroom, it's...
  25. Brian Scantlebury

    Exporting to backup drive from LR6CC a different number of files than sent

    Hi when I export 349 files from LR to an exthd 379 arrive, whyt? CAn anybody help please? Thanks in anticipation.