1. 2

    Lightroom mobile export settings

    Hi currently using lr mostly on ios version v5.1.0. As i mostly use the mobile version i find it hard to find the correct settings for instagram. I know about the crop and aspect ratios. Color spce and sharpenning, but my pictures do not upload with the same amount of detail. And i have...
  2. K

    Culled photos, exporting from my PC to another PC

    Hi there! Hoping someone can help. I culled photos for a wedding photographer that I know. He sent me Smart Previews + the LRCAT. I went through, flagged the keepers, and sent him back a new LRCAT + Smart Previews. Now he has a new catalog and he's trying to figure out how to match what I...
  3. S

    problem reassociating photos on Flickr with Jeffery Friedl's export plugin

    For complicated reasons (involving a fritzed Mac and LR catalog corruption issue I and Adobe couldn't fix) I reimported my entire LR Classic photo archive into a new catalog. This got rid of my corruption issue successfully, but it messed up the link between 10,000 or so photos at Flickr and...
  4. Kevin Sholder

    Library module Keywords -> Synonyms

    In addition to photography, I've got a larger than average collection of family photographs used for genealogy research that are in various stages of having Keywords added to them. I'd like to clarify what I think is true about Keywords and Synonyms if possible. Please feel free to confirm...
  5. S

    How NOT to export parent Keywords

    I have set up hierarchical keywords in my keyword list. What I am attempting to do is to export a JPG without the parent keywords. For example, in Lightroom if I assign my keyword 'Colorado' from my hierarchical keyword list of 'Places > Colorado', when I export the JPG I do not want 'Places' to...
  6. jjlad

    Export naming problem

    Hi there, I want to export images from a photoshoot to a thumb drive for the cli My files from the camera are numbered like JJL_8304, JJL_8605 etc. The photoshoot I'm working on was of a newborn whose head was misshapen due to the way she was pulled into this world 2 weeks ago. It will return to...
  7. P

    Can I batch export images all to specific file size?

    I want to be able to export images and guarantee they will end up a specific file size. I know you can 'limit file size to' but if you limit to 15mb they can come out anywhere between 5 and 15 or even lower. It seems like it doesn't even really depend on the original file size. Or at least...
  8. hsawires

    How to export a partial catalog for some selected images/ collections from a PC to another?

    Hi, I need to know how to export a catalog for some selected images and/or folders or collections to be copied with its all adjustment and keywords, and import it into another catalog. let's say I have some photos on my laptop and I did some adjustment and keywords to some of my images. now I...
  9. jjlad

    View only images that have been exported

    Hi there, Is there a way to view only images that have been exported? From now on I'll flag them a certain color but going back I don't know without examining the history of each one ...which of them have been exported.
  10. U

    Slideshow export MP4 blurry

    Hi everyone, I have the following problem: My slideshows look very good when I play them in the Slideshow module. When I export them as mp4 1080p they are noisy and blurred. That's only since I switched to LR Classic CC, under LR6 everything was fine. Does anyone have an idea? Best, Uwe
  11. chrisbogen

    Export LR Classic CC Export hangs/freezes sporadically & takes a long time to quit

    LR export working sporadically. Sometimes it will work normally but other times it will only export 3 photos (but photos can't be viewed in Finder, I only see icons) or will export none. I have to restart LR to get the export function to work again. Every time I quit LR I get the spinning beach...
  12. rclanger

    Export Limit size

    I am trying to limit the maximum size in megabytes. The number I enter in the export module seems to be ignored. Thanks
  13. A

    Export keywords as watermark

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out a way to have my keyword show up on the picture like a water mark. This would happen upon export to jpg. Any ideas? Hoping to have it look like this in the end.
  14. Jaichwill-foto.de

    Export function does not apply adjustments on all pics

    Hello, My name is Stefan and I am a Photographer in Berlin. English ist not my native language, so please excuse my faults... Ich have a strange phaenomen, i had never seen before and perhaps you have an idea to solve my problem: When applying a preset to a bunch of pics (RAW), Lightroom...
  15. nIkedoni1a

    How to export a slideshow (slide show) that will play as a continuous loop?

    I would like to export a silent slideshow of stills and video clips that I can run in my office as a continuous loop. I would prefer to put it on a flash drive or dvd rather to run it from lightroom. Is anyone aware if any of the output formats are amenable to that or software that will...
  16. T

    Exported Image Compression & Wrong Colour Space from LR Mobile

    I use Lightroom Mobile quite a bit to get photos to social media, as it has in-built sharing functions that just make it all so much easier. However, recently I've been adding a lot more red to my edits and I've found that when shared to Instagram, for example, these colours are often removed or...
  17. jalperin

    How to automatically assign color label upon export

    Is it possible to automatically assign a particular color label to images once they have been exported? I thought this might be an option within the export preset dialog, but I don't see it.
  18. L

    When exporting, images added to the catalog are very slow to add

    Plenty of disk space and RAM. Recently when I export images (JPGs) to a new folder, the export routine takes a normal amount of time to create the exported files (I set it to open them in a finder window when the exporting is completed) BUT it takes between 1 and 3 seconds for each image to be...
  19. P

    Export Best practices to keep track of exports?

    Operating System:Win 10 64 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.2 I've been struggling with best, or even good ways to keep track of exports. I am working with several other people in an organization to "document" some significant changes. We are sharing a DropBox account...
  20. G

    Keyword count and functionality

    Do you think that Adobe will give serious arrention to revamping its handling of keywords anytime soon? They have introduced a count of keywords in a tooltip hover over the keyword entry panel. It tells you how many keywords you have entered. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much...
  21. B

    Export Image Resizing

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.5.1 This question may have been already asked before but I cannot find an answer. I have seen similar threads in other forums. The question is about exporting from LR to obtain a specified image size with exact...
  22. Les Bessant

    Export Watermarks not consistently applied

    Operating System: macOS 10.13.1 (High Sierrra) Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC 7.0.1 I have an export preset that includes overlaying a watermark. This has worked without issue until... At the weekend, I exported around 10 images to my WordPress (self-hosted, not...
  23. K

    How to export a catalog and keep the folder structure?

    Operating System:Windows 7 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.3 I m trying to export a catalog with selected folder, for external edits. In the library module, I highlighted a few folders, went to file->export as catalog, chose 'build/include smart previews', and save. The...
  24. S

    Export Multiple jpegs, please help!

    Operating System: Mac OSSierra Lightroom Version: Classic 7.0 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: When I export one photo from LR Classic to my desktop, 4 copies are actually exported. They seem to all vary...
  25. B

    Export LR Classic export problems

    Operating System: Win 10 Lightroom Version: 7.0 Strange export behavior since upgrading to Classic: In LR, I'll have a main folder name (e.g. "Italy 2010"), then under it I will have "Imports" folder with all my photos. Let's say there are 20 photos there. Once I make edits I go to export the...