1. H

    Any plugin or approach to dump out collection/image data to excel or access?

    As part of my quest to move from Classic to a mobile workflow I have now decided to draw a line under my large classic catalog and move to a fully mobile workflow. Obviously, I would prefer to change my subscription to the LR plan but this means I will lose access to LR Classic. Not a big deal...
  2. S

    Export in timestamp order

    I use 2 cameras and on import, my images are sorted by timestamp. However, is there a way of exporting in time-stamp order so that when I send the images via Wetransfer they are delivered in time-stamp order but still retaining the filename somehow? TIA
  3. mlondon

    Export to Messages.app?

    Does anyone have a good workflow suggestion to export a jpeg to the Messages.app on macOS? Even better would be able to access the Mac's Share feature and be able to send the jpeg to other apps which can be accessed via Share. I dont see any way to do this using an Export Preset. Thank you.
  4. R

    Publish Services Direct Export to Web?

    Hi, I have Lightroom 6 perpetual licence and want to try and export direct to the social side of things, after seeing that it was possible to export direct to Facebook I tried but it seems this option is no longer available. Is there a way to setup an export pre-set to do this or a downloadable...
  5. R

    Why is file size greatly reduced when exported?

    I recently started using the cloud based version of LRCC on my desktop computer with Windows 10. When I export photos after editing, the size of the file is crazy small. Even if I'm not cropping the image. For instance, a raw image that is 27 mb is 429 kb after export in jpeg format, with...
  6. L

    How to, can I export, publish from Lightroom Classic to Synology Photos Files?

    My work flow ends up on a working drive M on my desktop. My working Catalogs are on my C drive backed up elsewhere on my NAS. I sync my M drive to a master folder on my Synology NAS on my local network. I curently publish from LR to Smugmug, my website using their excellext Publishing app. I am...
  7. B

    Export Zombie default camera caption keeps returning

    My Olympus Raw and JPG files contain the default caption OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA on import into LrC (all three OM-D E-M1 versions). I usually select all, and edit the caption field to be empty. When I then export to JPG from the Raw file, the default caption returns, back from the dead somehow...
  8. Paul_DS256

    Find Latest Revision for Image

    I normally do most of my post processing in LrC. Sometimes I need to go into PS then I may send it to Topaz Sharpen. The point is that sometimes I'm left with 3 files all with a backward 'Original File' pointer; A.NEF<-A-EDIT.TIF (from PS)<-A-EDIT-EDIT.TIF (from Topaz). I would like to find...
  9. bill.fischer5

    Keyword list exporting and importing in LRC

    I spent many hours cleaning up my keywords and building a new hierarchy. I accidentally applied a 4 star rating to all 105,000 photos. This wiped out years of work. Unfortunately I backed up my LRC before I realized what I had done. I could not undo the star ratings. I have a previous...
  10. B


    Hi! I hope someone can help. This issue just started this week. When I export the images, they're perfect. I save them in another file when exporting. When I go back into export to look in the saved file, the images look desaturated like this. But the images from all the other sessions from last...
  11. R

    Exporting photos for print kiosk

    I want to print a series of 4 x 6 test prints to review and shortlist for exhibitions or books. Currently I resize and add gamma correction in Photoshop but this impractical for dozens of prints at a time. How do I do this in Lr? The Print tab works well for previewing margins and cropping etc...
  12. C

    how to see preserved filenames after exporting to Windows

    After exporting to jpg, how can a user see the preserved filename in Windows? If I open the exported file in Bridge the preserved filename is there, so I’m assuming it’s bound to the file.
  13. J

    Export What are the best settings and formats to export to a photo-rich blog?

    My blog is running a little slow. I am experimenting with different export options and also read about different types of jpeg formats, but know too little about it. Can anyone help me with this? What are the best options for - a background picture for a landing page? -thumbnail picture...
  14. Paul_DS256

    Add Exported Pictures to Collection

    I know this can be done in a two step operation but I was wondering if anyone has seen a plug-in where you could specify the collection to add a photo to in the Export dialog box? The use is that I create exports for posting to different camera clubs. I wouldn't mind having a link back to which...
  15. Fivestar

    Export What type of hardware do I need to export 25-30 K photos in 12 hours?

    Good evening, Currently we have a record of exporting just under 60K photos in 12 hours with 4 pcs. Each of these pcs has a limittation of around 18K photos with their current configuration. So, one day one of my guys tried to export 23K photos from one machine and it was not done exporting it...
  16. N+13

    Keyword transfer

    It seems hit or miss when I export photos as jpg from one catalog and import them with Add to another catalog that the keywords come along. I cannot figure out what is different when they are missing. This has happened to me for many years and many versions of Classic. Any help is appreciated. N+13
  17. S

    Copy Photos in Collection to External Drive?

    Hi. I'm new to LR and have already learned a lot through this site, but I'm still getting used to the folder and collection structure. I've imported photos from several trips into LR. The photos are spread across several folders on an external hard drive. I'd like to move a copy of each of the...
  18. C

    Export Exporting pictures custom order - LR 9 Classic latest version

    Hi, to keep pictures in custom order for export, you have to rename them (sequence# + name or name + sequence) ? I think there is no other way. My Archive is about 67.000 pictures, 8.000 - 11.000/year. Would you suggest to start each year with sequence# 1? It's for private use, only LR seems...
  19. C

    LR won't use metadata created by LR

    I've been converting some TIFF files to JPGs by exporting TIFFs from LR as JPGs, keeping all metadata, and then importing the JPGs into LR. I've noticed that even if the TIFFs contain information in exif User Comment field and it's included in the exported JPGs, LR won't display it with the...
  20. C

    Video export stops prematurely

    I posted the same problem more than 3 years ago when I was using Lightroom version: CC 2015.10 [ 1111918 ] . I don't do many video exports. Same thing is happening now. Trying to export 13 small (largest 16MB) video files. LR 9.3 exports 7 of the 13 and then quits. LR still says...
  21. Epoch

    LrC 9.3 Import/Export *EX* Slow but LR 6.14 works fine? Hardware conflict?

    Hi guys! Here's the issue: LrC 9.3 will slow to a complete crawl 4 out of 5 times when Importing or Exporting. Yet LR 6.14 will have zero problems importing/exporting the very same files on the same disks. By slow I mean 5 1920x1920px jpegs can sometimes take upto 35 minutes to import. At...
  22. Nicky3540

    Export Why Is Export Now So Slow?

    Since the latest upgrade, exporting even a single file is super slow compared to how fast it was before upgrading to 9.3. It now takes 35–40 seconds (I timed it) for the operation to complete. I have a new, fast Mac, so it's not a hardware issue. The strange thing is, the "Export n files"...
  23. Kevin Sholder

    Export Options Don't Include PSB

    Any ideas why we can't export to a PSB file within Lightroom? The only options available are JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, DNG and original. I'm currently running into some file size limitations with an image that I'm working on as a TIF. I could save the TIF as a PSB, just wondering why this format...
  24. markstothard

    Collections with Watermark Logo

    Is there another way, better, than I have shown in this video to add a watermark to an image in a collection, similar to the export function under "publish services"? So that the resulting collection images have a watermark? Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz9u_KQGqy8
  25. 1

    Errors using esport dialog after LR 9.2 install

    Since installing the newest version of Lightroom Classic(9.2?) I have been having major issues with the export function when selected under the FILE menu. My workflow is that I do some edits in LR, then export to Photomatix Pro for some HDR treatment; then re-import to LR to finish up and then...