export .dng

  1. Califdan

    Exported DNG not showing thumbnails in Windows/10 but used to

    Just got off session with a client (LrC 12.2.1) where we exported some images to his desktop as DNG and when we looked at his desktop it would not show an image thumbnail of the image and Windows Photos app would not open it. As a test I selected the desktop in the LrC import dialog and it did...
  2. S

    Exporting DNG raws from LR Mobile into LR Classic, no pick flags or stars

    Maybe I am too cheap to pay for extra Adobe cloud storage. Been using Ipad to import and edit Canon RAW photos on-the-go. I found that I could export and then import into LR Classic a pile of them super quickly from the ipad using the "Export As" and then choosing DNG. I end up with all of...
  3. M

    Edits not appearing in DNG or PSD output Lr 6.14

    I am editing a portrait in Lr and wanted to export it to Luminar 4 for some retouching. I hit this really infuriating issue. When I export the image as DNG or PSD, the most recent edits do not appear in the exported image! I get the same if I send the image to Luminar via File | Plugin...
  4. R

    How to use Photosync to transfer from LR Mobile IOS to Mac

    I have Photosync on my phone and on my Mac. I'm still running High Sierra 10.13.6 not Mojave. Photosync 3.2.7 on Phone. On Mac 3.2.1. I successfully use it to import my photos in Photos app on iPhone to the external hard drive attached to my Mac I use for photos. I initiate the transfer from...