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  1. L

    Printing quality JPG thumbnails Exported from LR Classic and imported into a Microsoft Word Document

    I need to print thumbnails of photographs at the highest possible quality. I want to prepare a printed handout promoting a photo collection. We are working on a Microsoft Word document that contains thumbnails of the photos, and printed descriptions. The previews placed in Microsoft Word...
  2. K

    Export Disable parallel jpeg export?

    Using the latest version of LR on windows 10, when I export say 100 files to jpeg, I notice that the exported file timestamp is not in sequence. That is, file 1 may have a timestamp later than file 10. I believe lightroom is exporting files in parallel hence the timestamps are all over the...
  3. K

    How do I change the quality bar?

    Hi! I am new to this forum but I have a question that I hope you can help with. I am trying to export pictures out of lightroom and I cannot use the quality bar to lessen the quality. When I export photos they are blurry when zoomed into, however they are very clear in lightroom. I am attaching...
  4. G

    Can't Export Video Slideshow or how to export JPGs using Slideshow Template

    I've added keywords to my JPGs and I've modified the slideshow EXIF Metadata template to include Title and Keywords. I'm using a sample collection of six JPGs, all landscape. I can export the slideshow as a PDF but my goal is to include the JPGs with the Title and Keywords displayed to use in...
  5. jjlad

    New Laptop coming at $2300 expense due to programming issue with LR

    Been having issues with LR crashing my computer when exporting files. It pins the CPU at 100% and then the temperatures of the CPU, GPU and Motheboard all start rising fast to 100 degrees Celsius and above and the laptop crashes totally. It appears this has irrevocably damaged my computer CPU...