export as catalog

  1. C

    Back up of books in Lightroom Classic

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this one. I use LR Classic. Because I have 200.000+ pictures, I use a NAS storage to keep all my pictures. I have a couple of books that have costed me a lot of work and that I would like to back up in case something happens to my iMac. So I...
  2. murali

    Keywords are missing in the exported catalog

    To test, I exported my small catalog (50 pictures each with one keyword). Automatically write changes into XMP in Catalog Settings is checked. When I open the exported catalog on the same machine, the keywords are missing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  3. G

    Export/edit/reimport folder as catalog not reimporting correctly (as expected)

    So I now have a desktop and laptop to work with. I use my laptop when I'm on the road working... I needed to take some of my photos with me from my desktop to work on with a client - this is what I did.. 1. I exported the folder I needed as a catalog to a hard drive, and imported as a catalog...
  4. lbeck

    How can I remove unused photo files from my large catalog?

    I finally have trimmed my large catalog from about 40K photos to about 28K. My problem is that the photos are contained in several hundred folders Many folders that I'm carrying with my catalog may have 50-100 photos with only a few imported to Lr. So my catalog currently occupies over 700 GB...
  5. lbeck

    Facial recognition doesn't transfer when "Export as Catalog"?

    I recently exported a large catalog to an external HDD. With help from this forum almost everything seems to be working well. One exception is the facial recognition that I had stored in the original catalog. It apparently didn't transfer to the exported catalog. Is this something that I...
  6. K

    How to export a catalog and keep the folder structure?

    Operating System:Windows 7 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.3 I m trying to export a catalog with selected folder, for external edits. In the library module, I highlighted a few folders, went to file->export as catalog, chose 'build/include smart previews', and save. The...
  7. John Coveney

    Smart Preview Catalogs Not Opening Because they are "Not Valid"

    I want to export sections of my main LR Catalog to my laptop for picking, culling & rating using smart previews. I'm not including the original negatives in these exports. I have tried this five times and each of the "Export as Catalog" attempts appears to work fine. However, when I tried to...
  8. guido.coza

    still struggle with catalog merging

    Hi Guys I still seem, not getting it right to merge my catalogs and always have the latest edits. I keep all pictures on a external drive. Now and than I move new pics from either iMac or laptop to this external drive. Than I edit/delete pics either on laptop or on iMac on this drive. On top I...