1. celeste

    Merge to Panorama: Is the method used for merge stored anywhere?

    There are three options: spherical, cylindrical and perspective. Is the method used from the merge to panorama written to the exif or metadata of the resulting dng file anywhere?
  2. Michael Naylor

    Big Sur & Capture Time to EXIF

    I haven' used Capture Time to EXIF for some time and now I'm running on macOS Big Sur. I have John Beardsworth's version 1.26 installed with a green light in Plugin Manager and I'm trying to change the camera make and model. I know I need to read the metadata after running the plugin, but...
  3. H

    to see if I took a photo in manual focus or auto

    hello, I am wondering if there is way to see which focus mode I used within lightoom or bridge.... my camera is sony a7iii. many thanks
  4. P

    Data not consistently being read from EXIF data

    Hello, I've been testing out the free trial of Lightroom Classic the last few days on Windows 10. My primary intent for using it is as a library for my personal photo collection. It has been quite a learning curve and searching this forum has been very helpful. The one final showstopper...
  5. F

    LR does not grab lens from Exif in development module

    I noticed recently, that the exif of my uploads contains the lens that the picture was taken with (if the lens is chipped Sony or Sigma), BUT in the development module it only reads and knows the Iso and exposure. I use import presets for my cameras re noise control depending on shooting ISO...
  6. M

    Showing Additional Image Info in LR

    Hi, Any way/plugins to increase the amount of info LR displays about images? I'd like to be able to view file size (which isn't an option in Loupe or Grid view it appears). Also, is it possible to show more than 3 line of info? Cheers,
  7. A

    Library module Edit EXIF camera model ?

    Hello all, I shoot 35mm film with a few different cameras. Obviously, the camera make and model is not recorded... I use a software called AnalogExif which allows me to edit EXIF metadata of the scanned pictures prior importing in LR. However, being a manual operation, it can be prone to...
  8. Resoman

    EXIF data software

    Operating System:OS High Sierra 10.13.1 LR Classic 7.1 There are times when I'd like to see more of the EXIF data from my Fujifim XT-2 than is revealed in the Metadata in the Library module. I understand that there are external EXIF reading apps - does anyone use such and app and how do you work...
  9. C


    Operating System: Mac High Sierra Lightroom Version: CC 2015:12 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: The Exif data contains a filed called Label - it is located below Rating and above Title. Typically, what would...
  10. Geof Leigh

    Edit Exif data for lens

    I have recently bought a Sony Alpha 7 and am using it with vintage Minolta lenses which are manual (superb results btw). Of course this means lens data is not imported. I have searched the forums and found some posts dealing with this issue but the suggestions all seem messy or complex for a...
  11. CloudedGenie

    CaptureTime to Exif

    I've been trying every trick I can think of to rename my files using sub-second data (other than renaming it outside of Lightroom and then re-importing it). Although most of my photos are not at that high a rate, I have quite a few high rate bursts from four-wheel drive action shots. I am using...
  12. M

    Mobile Photos & Creation Dates

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone can help me in a matter concerning creation dates in regards to mobile photos. Little Background - spent lots of time in the past correctly organizing photos in the library Photos (top folder) YYYY (folder) YYYY-MM-DD Event Name (folder) - using...
  13. Bill Plunkett

    Exporting EXIF/IPTC data to other programs

    Hope in in the right section. I have explored this on XOJO and FileMaker forums without success but here's what I want to do. (I'm an old, emphasis on old, programmer) I want to track stock licenses and print sales of the images I market (about a third of my catalog). I DO NOT want to have...
  14. A

    How to sort scanned photos by date in Lightroom

    Hi I just spent some time trying to figure out why my scanned photos don't sort by date, and I think I understand it more or less. I searched through this forum to see if this question had been answered before, and I don't think so, although obviously many people understand the issue already...
  15. D

    iPhone 7 - EXIF data bug on Lr Mobile camera photos

    I think this is a bug in Lr Mobile, as updated for iOS 10, when used on an iPhone 7. I've noticed with the iPhone 7 that for pictures created using the Lr Mobile camera, the Camera Model data is "iPhone". With the iPhone 6s, it was "iPhone 6s". This occurs for photos using the Lr Mobile...
  16. JeffEllis

    Lost some EXIF data-can I restore from file without losing developments?

    I'm shooting with a drone. DJI Phantom 3 In the EXIF data we see both Altitude and GPS data. In trying to edit a basic Metadata preset I accidentally lost the Altitude and GPS on 180 files. Can I import just that selected data from original files without losing all my develop adjustments?? How?