1. E

    Sync LRC-Ipad sync problems

    Good morning, I currently use Lightroom classic, cloud synced so that I can access my archive with my Ipad. Original pictures are stored on an external disc and the total dimension is approximately 4 TB. My synchronization went wrong, I was unable to fix it and (my mistake for following a very...
  2. M

    LR Classic uploading to Flickr Problem

    Trying to upload to Flickr today - first time for a while, and since a recent LR upgrade. I get the following error message: "Can’t update this collection. Could not contact the Flickr web service. Please check your Internet connection." There is nothing wrong with my internet connection...
  3. N

    Can Not Move a Folder - Any Folder

    My folders are a mess! So I'm trying to move files within LRC and I keep getting this error message: Could not complete the folder move. An unknown error occurred. Can anyone help please? Nic
  4. M

    Migrate from Lightroom Classic (Mac) to LR (Win) failing with "catalog appears to be copied"... why?!

    I've tried many times, and Adobe help site is not helpful at all... so please, anyone who has encountered the same, help! My situation is as described below (the actual problem as #7 on the list): My old Mac Powerbook (from 2017) is breaking down, and I won't be getting a replacement. I have...
  5. V

    Mixed up smart Previews From Previous Catalogs in the "From Lightroom" section and Online

    My issue is very frustrating. I like to have an LRC catalog for every year. Each year I stop the sync of the old one and sync the new one. I understand that shared collections from the previous year will be downloaded from the cloud into the "From Lightroom" collection set in LRC and are also...
  6. B

    Video Import Problems: Unknown Error Occurred

    I had a bunch (18 to be precise) of Pixel 5 Video files in one batch that didn't import. Hadn't occurred before. The error file showed the 18 files like this: An unknown error occurred while reading the video file. (18) D:\Pictures\2023\230630-P5\PXL_20230603_001625775.mp4 6...
  7. C

    LR/Transporter error

    Hi all, I work for a historical institution and am working on a large digitization project. We purchased a license for LR/Transporter to help us streamline our metadata work. I am often imbedding 100s of images at a time. Every now and then I keep getting this specific error code when running...
  8. Mr_RossDuncan

    Help needed in resolving a metadata mystery

    I am running Lr Classic version 12.0.1 on a new Dell laptop. This was purchased after some long research to make sure it was set up with sufficient Ram etc to run Lr effectively. The catalog is situated on the laptop along with the helper, previews, smart previews and data folders. The actual...
  9. A

    Catalogs Catalog Not Opening in LR 2021

    Hey yall i recently reinstalled LR on my computer and when i went to reopen my last used catalog it did not open itself and took a lot of time. After referring some videos, I removed the .lrcat.lock file. Even after that nothing happened and the same problem persists. This is the message that...
  10. Nadine

    "Catalogue Error - LR needs to be closed"

    Hi again, quite often I get the message "There was a problem reading the catalogue - LR has to be closed down" - in middle of a session - and then LR crashes. When restarting LR another pop-up message comes up: "When using LR the last time LR had to close unexpectedly due to a problem when...
  11. B

    error exporting book

    why is this haaaaaappening...? any one?
  12. simonplantphoto

    Wrong Metadata On Export Of Original File

    Hi, Ive used LR for many years but it still throws me into confusion at times especially with Metadata. This is either user error or a bug.... So I sometime need to move some files DNG,PSD,PSB from my archive catalog to my working catalog to maybe rework an image for a client etc. I do this by...
  13. D

    Error Message: You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo.

    Hi. Recovered image files from deleted hard drive. - Imported a sampling of images (100) into a new catalog in order to test. - Receiving this message "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo." Looking for suggestions.
  14. S

    Library module Error with video (cannot play)

    Since few days ago, I have now unable to play any video file in the Library module. I can "see" them in the Grid view, but as soon as in go in Loupe it gets stuck and remains grey. Files are .MOV and I can open them in QuickTime. See example in screenshot below. Can anyone help me? Thanks in...
  15. T

    1:1 previews error

    I use Lightroom Classic version 7.3. I realised that in Lightroom, many, if not all of the images were taking some time to appear. Therefore "previews" may not have been setup or needed refreshing I selected all the images in the whole library (main library, control A) and then in library tab (I...
  16. P

    LR Classic 9.2 - SmugMug Albums - Generic "Maximum album count exceeded (7)

    I'm running LR Classic 9.2 on OS X 10.15.2. I'm trying to build SmugMug albums with the SmugMug plugin. I have quite a few albums and galleries defined, but when I'm trying to publish to them, I'm seeing "Maximum album count exceeded (7)" (see attached screencap). The problem is that I can't...
  17. H

    unfortunately the catalog "wedding2019" cannot be repaired!! Please say it ain't so!

    Having a bunch of weird troubles now I've updated to Mac OS catalina, but not 100% sure this is related. I can open the catalog again if I move it from my dropbox to my desktop, I can still click and look through files on my Drobo (external hard drive) but once I click on one located on my...
  18. hbwilliams22

    Catalogs "Unexpected error opening catalog". What is the issue?

    I am running Lr Classic. "8.4 Release" on Mac Mojave Version 10.14.6. My catalog that has all of my pictures, and that I have always used on a daily basis, will not open and giving me the error: "Unexpected error opening catalog". What is the issue?!
  19. P

    Deleted - Recovered - Error Catalog file

    Hi! I got myself into some trouble the other day when I deleted my catalog file. Yes, lets not dwell on that for to long... I got this software to scan my hard-drive and it found a file that should be my catalog file, although it had changed the name, reconstructed it and recovered it back to...
  20. N

    Tif files do not import into Lightroom 6.7 (Windows 10 latest)

    I have some tif files that are mostly scanned documents obtained from online databases. These do not import into Lightroom. I have tried opening and saving with Irfanview (compression turned off) to see if that would change the results. It did not. The error message is "The files appear to be...
  21. Mr_RossDuncan

    The dreaded error message

    Hi, Can anybody offer a suggestion for a repeated error message I'm getting. "Lightroom encountered an error when reading a catalog file and needs to quit." I'm running the latest version, 7.5 Lightroom classic on a Windows 10 laptop. If the computer goes to sleep while Lightroom is running, on...
  22. AlanTW

    Error when deleting

    Just recently when I delete from disk via Lightroom Classic I get the following error displayed: "an internal error ha occured: ?:0: attempt to index a nil value" The file is deleted and ASAIK there are no other issues. I'm running LR on Windows 7 with 32Gb RAM
  23. JLU

    Inconsistency in the number of photos of the Library

    Operating System: Mac/iOS/Windows/Web Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR CC I have problems syncing my photos to CC. I get an error message in the app of my Mac and the number of photos in the Mac does not match with the number of photos in the Web, or those of other devices...
  24. WildVanilla

    Topaz says file not from Lightroom, when it is

    Hi I'm having trouble with Topaz Studio at the moment. I send a photo from Lightroom (right-click > edit in > Topaz Studio). Topaz opens fine, I edit the photo, then try to save. Here I get an error message: Obviously the 'file not from lightroom' bit is nonsense, because it is! My...
  25. M

    Printer Module LR5

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):