1. nIkedoni1a

    Lost ability to email from LrC

    suddenly i can no longer email photos directly from LrC. only change to my system has been that i disconnected ethernet cable and now connect only using wifi. i select images from library grid>file>email photo. i address hit send and window closes, no error no confirmation either. i removed...
  2. Paul_DS256

    Email Issue on LR6

    On my MAC I use for traveling, I just tried to set up email to run. My comparison is email on my Windows 10 running LR Classic. There when I send from the EMAIL preset, it opens an email creation window in my Thunderbird Email client. I do the final send from Thunderbird. On my MAC, I was able...
  3. A

    Address Book

    Operating System:10.12.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):LR Classic CC Want to access address book in Export module so I do not have to enter each one separately. I use Apple Mail. Is there a way to do this?
  4. dylan

    Why are lightroom settings lost once sent to email?

    I am currently using lightroom 2015 6.1 and while i am able to export my pictures, once i send shots to my email before uploading to instagram all the editing has been undone. I would love any advice on those who have this process down with everything in tact through the stages? I have attached...