1. creativewombat

    Delete from Disk

    I think I may of stumbled on something that's plagued me for years. I was always finding files that I deleted and duplicates that seemed impossible. I've realized through this new install, that "Delete from Disk" simply isn't working. The files will leave the LRC Catalogue but remain on the...
  2. lbeck

    How do I archive my entire catalog and photos to a separate EHD?

    I have reconstructed a catalog from bits and pieces of folders of archived photos following the loss of my Lr HDD. Fortunately, I've been able to recover practically all of my photos and associated metadata using a recent backup and relinking photos. A secondary problem that I'll handle as a...
  3. SuzImages

    EHD conflicts using Lightroom and Mac Time Machine

    Operating System: MacBook Pro. latest version Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC I have had a conflict with two EHDs. They are both named the same. One I use with Mac Time machine to back up my system. The new EHD will now be used to back up my files, the Lightroom...
  4. SuzImages

    Moving a folder from one EHD to another.

    Operating System: Mac OSx Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC for Mac The EHD I have been using has my DNG backups from 2011 through the present 2018. That EHD is almost full. And I can't seem to find a thread on how to do this. I want to move a folder (2018...
  5. M

    Lightroom catalogue moved to ehd to clear space

    Hi All, I have moved my lightroom catalogue to an external hard drive to clear 500 gig from my computer. However after the successful move the data is still showing in my storage in the mac. How do I clear this data from my computer please? Many thanks ! :)