1. lbeck

    Is it possible to merge keywords to a more recent catalog?

    For months I've been actively editing my Lr catalog to both 1) delete photos and 2) enhance my "keepers". I've successfully updated my catalog by eliminating about 7000 photos and have done a decent job of editing the ones that I want to keep. Unfortunately, I haven't kept track of keywords in...
  2. S

    Reading edits and updating thumbnails

    Hi again. Not an issue as such but was wondering why it is that when i open an old folder of photos lightroom displays the thumbnails of the original unedited raws and then works through reapplying edits and updating the thumbnails on the fly. Shouldn't the thumbnails already be up to date? Am...
  3. P

    Missing Lightroom Edits

    I've been going through all my Lightroom images to select work for a new website. I came across some older images (from 2016 and 2017) where the edits have disappeared. The RAW files are there but when I go into the Develop module all the sliders are set to zero and there are no edits...
  4. guido.coza

    preserving edits on missing pictures

    Hi All I stupidly moved some pictures outside lightroom and the catalog is a mess. Even so I can see pictures in a specific folder in "FINDER" LR seems not to see them as the same I'm looking for. IF i would go and say "find missing pictures" LR imports the found pictures to its catalog and...
  5. P

    There has to be a way to restore the edits of 700 photos I just accidentally removed from LR catalog

    Please tell me that I did not just WASTE the last 24 hours of my life. I have been editing over 700 photographs since yesterday morning. I was going through them one last time to make slight adjustments and found a photo that I hadn't noticed was out of focus before so I decided to remove it...
  6. J

    Transferring edits of a single image

    There are times when I want to just take the edits I've done in LR on my laptop where the image file is on a portable hard drive and just transfer them to my desktop which already has the image file but does not have the edits of that specific file. How do I transfer my edits?
  7. guido.coza

    recover adjustments in outside LR moved files

    Hi Guys and Girls I did a bit of a boo boo. I copied picture folders outside lightroom onto a external HD. What is the best way of not loosing all the edits of the pic.? Undo and redo everything via LR (some pics however are on Laptop, some desktop some exHD) would be a mission! All pictures...