1. C

    Weird behavior of adjustment brush, radial filer and graduated filter

    In recent days Lightroom Classic 10.1.1 is behaving very strangely : when I apply a brush stroke with the adjustment brush, I always get a soft white stroke, even if all the brush sliders are zero! Changing any of the brush settings has no effect. See screenshots. When I apply a circular or...
  2. hsawires

    Catalogs metadata and editing did not exported and imported from my desktop to my laptop

    Hi, I am facing a problem. I have 2000 JPG photos on my desktop Lightroom ver.10 classic, I did some editing, rating and keywording on them. then I started to export them on a new catalog to copy them to my Laptop. I do export the whole catalogue from my desktop and when I tried to open it on...
  3. sgf322

    Develop Edit History

    Not sure if I am asking correctly; I made some Develop Edits to a jpeg file from the Library and then Exported it. Now I need to edit another one and cannot remember the previous edit settings. Does the edit history disappear or is it embedded into the exported jpeg file? I know I should have...
  4. A

    Best tool for removing unwanted object?

    I have a photograph where the blurry edge of a finger has intruded down into the field of view. This part of the image is a lightly-textured blank wall of uniform color. It seems like it should be easy to "paint" over this area with a swatch from the wall, but I'm really a newbie at retouching...
  5. MarkNicholas

    New Tutorials

    I don't know how long they have been there but I have just noticed that Adobe have added some tutorials to the Lightroom app on Phone (and presumably Pads etc.). These tutorials are very good. They range from specific editing techniques on your phone to general editing techniques.
  6. nIkedoni1a

    Using LR6 on two Computers

    On a desktop mac at home I started editing images in LR6 that I have stored on an internal drive. I am traveling and want to continue working with images in that folder so I exported that folder "export as catalog" to a external drive. I have LR6 installed on my MacBook and want to continue...
  7. A

    Laptop touchscreen

    Buying a new machine. What is your experience using a touchscreen with Lightroom classic? Is it worth paying the extra money?
  8. J

    Exporting a Collection

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom CC Hello, I' really new to Lightroom and I have been having some trouble exporting my photos that I edit. At first the photos that I was exporting weren't keeping my changes to them, but I figured out why...
  9. M

    Editing Style

    Hi I am reasonable new to lightroom. Please could any body tell me how to edit a photo in this style (attached)? What characteristics should I be looking for when editing my own photos for a similar look? thanks
  10. M

    help with developing style

    Hi New to this forum , hope i have the right place for this. I am interested in learning to edit my photos in a particular style. Please can anybody give me any tips about what conisistencies these people's photos (attached) have, and what I should be aiming to do to acheive a similar look and...
  11. S

    Exported LR Catalog - Not saving back from PS to LR

    Hi All, Anyone have a similar experience with an exported LR catalog? I'm doing my edits in PS and saving, but my edits are not saving back to LR. Other catalogs work fine. Corrupted catalog perhaps? I'm on 2015.7 cc