1. B

    Import already edited IOS photo to Lightroom Mobile

    This maybe a very basic question. I take photos on iPhone that I quickly apply IOS edits to share immediately. Now, when I import these into LR mobile app, is there a way to import the "original" untouched photo? I tested by taking a photo, doing a crop in IOS edit and then importing to LR...
  2. C

    Some edits not syncing from iPad to LR Cloud or iPhone and iMac

    Hello all, I regularly import pictures from SD card into iPad where I cull and edit - normally it works fine and I have no issues. But yesterday I imported approx 40 images from camera SD card into Lightroom on iPad where I rated and culled images - all as normal. Problem: on the iPad I edited...
  3. S

    Preserving edits

    Hi. Sorry for what’s probably a stupid question. I’ve never trusted a catalogue based photo software to keep my edits safe. I’ve had a few occasions in the past, especially when I used to use photo mechanic as part of my workflow, where I would go back to files in Lightroom and all my edits are...
  4. K

    Select Subject LR Classic 11

    This new feature appears to work fairly well but I have one problem that may be down to my incorrect usage. If I select subject but it does not quite get it 100% right and I then add to subject to complete the selection I cannot find a way of inverting the whole subject. I only appear to be...
  5. sgf322

    Develop Edit History

    Not sure if I am asking correctly; I made some Develop Edits to a jpeg file from the Library and then Exported it. Now I need to edit another one and cannot remember the previous edit settings. Does the edit history disappear or is it embedded into the exported jpeg file? I know I should have...
  6. PatrickC

    Sound when Re-sizing Brush

    Just a minor irritation; when re-sizing a minus brush, ie when holding down the Alt key, when using the [ and ] (square brackets) it plays the Windows asterisk sound. Does anybody know a) why? and b) can I stop it doing this?
  7. G

    Keyword count and functionality

    Do you think that Adobe will give serious arrention to revamping its handling of keywords anytime soon? They have introduced a count of keywords in a tooltip hover over the keyword entry panel. It tells you how many keywords you have entered. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much...
  8. J

    Desktop edits don't always sync to ipad

    I'm using LR CC 2017 desktop and ipad 2017 (ios11.02, thought this happened in ios 10 too!) When I edit a dng in LR desktop, drag it to a collection in LR mobile panel and let it sync, the image on ipad doesn't have the edits done on desktop. I tried deleting image and re syncing, but no...
  9. oleleclos

    Making a virtual copy of an original AFTER editing it

    Hi everyone, I hope you don’t mind me sharing a little Lr detail that I have only worked out recently myself. It may be blindingly obvious, but it wasn’t to me ;) After having edited a picture, I sometimes find myself wanting to take it in a different direction without losing everything I have...
  10. A

    import move lost all edit data

    Hello I have a question, I had a collection of photos in a catalogue. I wanted to make a new catalogue so I did did an import / move. However this did not bring over the edit history? So they are just the raw cr2s. How can I recover this?
  11. P

    Question about exporting

    I'm new to this group and fairly new to using Lightroom. I have a simple question. After I import photos into Lightroom, edit a photo in the develop menu, export it out of Lightroom, can I go back to that photo, hit reset and edit it again to export a second time? Thank you
  12. N

    Jpeg vs TIFF for editing

    Hi, I'm wondering about editing files in Lightroom, specifically the difference(s) between jpeg and TIFF. To explain my question, a little background first. Here is what my workflow currently looks like: - Use View NX 2 to convert NEFs to TIFF and import TIFFs to LR (keeping all NEFs backed...
  13. T

    Anyone would know how to replicate this preset on lightroom?

    @klemenswhite • Instagram photos and videos I stumbled on this instagram profile and really liked the style of it, was wondering if anyone know how to achieve such images. He said that he uses a custom lightroom filter made by him. Thanks!
  14. E

    trying to achieve effect

    I've been trying to achieve this effect on an image for sometime now but can't figure it out if someone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome! examples: 1 2 3