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  1. jjlad

    Latest PS corrupted external editing preset preset

    Hi there, I can't find the thread I had on this previously, but one of our GURUs had provided instruction on how to set up an editing preset to send a photo to Photoshop for editing as a JPEG so that when Ctrl-S was pressed it would save the file and it WOULD SHOW UP BACK IN LIGHTROOM. I made...
  2. S

    Color and sharpness changes from LR to photoshop when using "Edit in..." action in LR

    Hi, I am starting to get a bit frustrated. I am editing a .ARW file in lightroom, which I would like to take to PSfor further editing. However, when using the "Edit in..." function, the image seems to change when opening in PS. Anyone, who has an answer to why that is? I am using the same colour...
  3. Bob Israel

    LR Classic > Rt Click > Edit In Photoshop

    Hi folks. I hope this has been dealt with before. I have the latest versions of LR Classic and Photoshop and I'm on the latest Mac OS. Forever, I've been able to right click on an image, choose edit in photoshop and get a dialog box asking if I want to edit original, a copy with LR settings...