edit in photoshop

  1. SethC

    'Edit in Photoshop' does not include Lightroom adjustments in Classic CC 7.2

    Hi there, When using the 'Edit in Photoshop CC' dialogue from within Lightroom the image that opens in PS CC does not include all the adjustments that I have made in LR CC. I noticed it when opening a black and white image - it simply opens as a colour image. Some of the adjustments are...
  2. lynchypx

    Colour Shift issue when editing in Photoshop and returning to Lightroom

    Hi, I came here after struggling to find a solution to this anywhere else. I'm running Lightroom CC 2015.13 and Photoshop CC 19.1.5. I'm not exactly sure how long the issue has been there but i've only noticed it on a recent shoot. When choosing "edit in Photoshop" from Lightroom the image...
  3. B

    Photoshop: removing spot in a smart object

    Hi. I recently took a number of symphony photos, from the side of the stage. Several have an annoying red "EXIT" sign in the background. When I open my LR image as a smart object in PS, I can't remove the sign. Is that because PS is preventing pixel-level changes to my image? What are some...
  4. mikecox

    Edit a copy, or the original, or Lr adjusted GONE

    Lately I've noticed that when I send images to Ps for editing I am not asked if I want to send a copy or the original. Instead, a copy goes to Ps by default. I want the original image because I hate having to rename the image when it gets back to Lr.
  5. M

    Edit in Photoshop- Not Working

    I just got a new hard drive and upgraded my Mac Pro to Sierra from Mavericks. I am running Lightroom CC and when I got a Raw image and "Edit in" Photoshop, it opens up Photoshop but the image doesn't open up. I have it set in the preferences to Edit in Photoshop and create a PSD. Not sure what...
  6. S

    Edit in photoshop grayed

    I have always used a workflow that starts in LR and then moves to PS. I did this yesterday with no problem, but today it is grayed out and unusable. I have deleted and reinstalled both programs, then restarted the computer after each. Nothing seems to work. In May I moved to Windows 10 and...
  7. FreddyPhotographer

    "Edit in Photoshop" doesn't create IMG_xxxx-Edit

    Since upgrading to Lightroom CC (and Photoshop CC), I've been having some serious workflow problems. In the past, I would hit Command+e to edit images in Photoshop, they'd open, I'd run a series of actions and the last one is [Smart Sharpen; Save; Close]. When I ran that action, it would save...
  8. L

    Edit in photoshop options not appearing

    I am trying to edit a raw file with adjustments from LR into Photoshop. When I click CTRL-E to open the photo from LR into Photoshop, the usual options of Edit Original, Edit a Copy, or Edit with Lightroom Adjustments do not appear. Instead it just opens the file as is right into Photoshop. How...