1. 57Andrew

    DxO files and collections

    I have DxO PureRaw as a plug in and I am very happy with it. However when it imports the processed file to the original folder it also adds it to a collection. I don't want this and I have tried deleting the collection folder. It simply creates a new one next time. DxO says it is nothing to do...
  2. rvenneman

    Plug in Hell. Win 10 and LR8

    I am living in plug-in hell. I have DXO NIK, Topaz Collection Aurora 2019 and Luminar 3, all of which show up in Photoshop CC and NONE of which show up in Lightroom 8. I need some insight on why this would happen and if anyone else had this issue and has solved this. This is on a Windows 10 OS...