1. O

    Confusion with Classic and Cloud

    Please help. I'm a bit confused. I recently migrated my 4 most recent years of images from LR Classic in to LRCC on my computer to try and embrace the cloud side of things. I then deleted these images from my LR Classic catalog, but left the original RAW files in place on external HDD until I...
  2. N

    Finding and Deleting Duplicates

    I'm trying to clean up my catalog and deal with an issue where I imported my deceased father's scanned pictures. Because he wasn't using a catalog of any sort, he tended to scan the same image multiple times or copy an image into multiple places. So, now I have a catalog with the same image in...
  3. crshlagor

    Which photos can I delete to eliminate duplicates?

    I'm relatively new to Lightroom Classic and I have what is probably a dumb question. I am trying to free up space on my hard drive so I ran a "eliminate duplicates" program from inPixio. It's showing the Smart Preview and what I assume is the original uploaded photo as duplicates but I'm...
  4. L

    Teekesselchen Duplicate - Reject flag .jpg, not .heic

    Hi all I've downloaded the above plug-in to remove duplicates. It's doing exactly as I hoped, except it's giving reject flags to my .jpg files, not the .heic (which I want to keep). I have tried deselecting preferring larger file size, given the more efficient compression of .heic, but to no...
  5. S

    Library module Removing duplicates - HEIC vs JPEG and CR3 vs DNG

    Hello I am a real newbie. due to a number of mistakes I did over the years (of course, as I did not know this website and forum and basically I worked with a "trial and error" method), my Library is full of duplicates. Basically: - many pictures from my Canon camera, have CR3 version and DNG...
  6. S

    Synced Duplicates?

    Hey there, when I am looking in my Lightroom Classic at the Catalog Panel, I can see that I have 969 Synced Duplicates that all of a sudden appeared from nowhere. I was looking it up and googled a lot but there is no definitive answer, at least from what I have seen, what these are or where...
  7. Stephanie Booth

    Syncomatic not working (fix? alternatives?)

    I've been trying to get syncomatic to work for days now, and though it seems to work once after opening a catalog, it doesn't after that. I'm trying to merge keywords. I've tried both identical filenames (and create a test case for that to makes sur) and capture time. No luck. Another option I...
  8. Stephanie Booth

    "merging" metadata and photographs

    I'm currently in the process of merging back into my Lightroom catalog a few years of photos that went into Apple Photos and were put in albums, sometimes edited, over there. I've described the first part of my process here: Moving From Apple Photos to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Right now I'm...
  9. T

    Merging Keywords

    Dear All In order to clean up large database, i want to remove duplicates, but before (or while doing it) i need an extra feature : merging keywords of duplicate files. Real case : Original : i have some pictures in a folder / collection, tagged with keywords such as “ Project, Hotel...
  10. N

    Can't import image scans as Lightroom thinks is duplicates

    Is there a way to make Lightroom CC import even if it thinks it's duplicated images?
  11. J

    Duplicates, MTSfiles and smart previews

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. So I thought my question would already be answered, but It turns out I seem to use lightroom in a way few people do. Im not a professional photographer and although I've sold photos , Im mainly just documenting my life. I prefer to do it with proper...
  12. Cuzzinbrucie

    Alternative solutions for finding and removing media file duplicates

    I am locating, collecting, and housecleaning all the media files I have spread across 3 HDDs. Maybe a 3rd are managed by Picasa3. The rest are not managed. Over the years I have accumulated (and duplicated) files and folders of media files: 80% photos, 20% short videos. The folders/files are...
  13. B

    Duplicate files

    I now use an import preset renaming the files YYYYMMDD-suffix. Will the images then show up as duplicates when I import later images from the card? I don't delete the images from the card until it's almost full. Thanks in advance I use lightroom cc and win 10. Can't change my profile on this...