1. franklehnen

    Can I change the location of LRCC Originals?

    Hi all you helpful people! I'm sure the information I need is somewhere in these pages already but despite searching I didn't find it. I migrated my Classic library to CC and all went well. I kept my Classic photos on a second drive (well backed up of course), but CC just put them on my first...
  2. T

    GRAID Failed

    Hi! My G-RAID with Thunderbolt (G-RAID with Thunderbolt 2 | G-Technology) failed. I contacted the support. They were really nice and they are going to send me a new drive as it's inside the warranty period. I was using RAID-1. My question is: when the new drive arrives is just a matter of plug...
  3. K

    Response time when working on catalog/images on an external drive

    Is there a way to cache 1:1 image previews and camera raw on a per catalog basis? For example, I have a catalog of over 10,000 images on an external drive. I want to keep the cache on that drive to improve performance. Is this possible? If not, are there any tricks to improve response time...