1. silkenpaw

    Hi from sunny South Florida and please help with book download

    Hi all! I am a lady of a certain age who's been interested in photography since I got my first Kiev at the age of eight or so. My favorite subjects are nature and macros, to go along with my interest in all things living. I'm not new to Lightroom but have not used it for several years, so I...
  2. R

    Allow Download from Web Gallery created in LR Classic

    I'm using the desktop LR Classic CC. I'd like to allow downloads of images from Web Galleries. I've tried Googling on this and am not finding much. It seems there are ways to activate this using LR mobile (but Im not using that program, I prefer the desktop). If there is no way to turn it on...
  3. W

    Sync Downloading photos from LR mobile to LR Classic CC

    Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] License: Creative Cloud Operating system: Windows 7 - Business Edition Version: 6.1.7601 I have photos on my iPad that I want to transfer to my windows PC. I know I can use LR mobile to sync the photos from the iPad to my PC but I want them...