1. F

    Suddenly my DNG files are double their size in LR 6

    Usually my DNG files take or took up around 25 - 30 Mb per shot. Now i discovered that since lately they are all around 50 Mb in size. I think I clicked on the import dialog somewhere wrongly (?) where I was asked to keep original Raw files inside the DNG or not. But for the life of me, I...
  2. J

    Library module DNG+JPEG

    Lightroom shows files names like "P1030088-2.DNG+JPEG" in the corner of a preview thumbnail but in the computer's file system that file is actually "P1030088-2.DNG". There are also cases where Lightroom reports a file of "P1040011.dng" and in the computer's files system it shows the same name...
  3. S

    Backup pc/folders

    Hello, I use Robocopy to make a mirror of my internal drives to an external one. Now I have a corrupt DNG file. For some reason, my external drives also have a corrupt dng photo. So my question is, which software do you use to incremental backup your drives to an (external) disk? Extra...
  4. Ramona

    Missing DNGs XMPs Remain

    I sincerely hope someone here can help. I'm lost. I have just discovered on recovering several folders from backup that there are several with no DNGs, some with only XMPs and some with only JPGs. I'm here because LIghtroom was having conversion issues at one point, wouldn't convert on import...
  5. Ian.B

    Converting raw files to DNG

    G'day; long time no chat! I'm still snapping away at mostly unimportant subjects for something to do --- still using Lr5 mostly; On1'18 (sometimes :() and Affinity :) has replaced Elements 12. Not sure where to post this old -- antique:) -- Lr5 stuff so you are welcome to move or remove...
  6. Stephanie Booth

    Should I DNG?

    My camera shoots RW2, and I'm wondering if I should convert to DNG or not. I haven't so far, assuming any conversion has some kind of loss to it, but stumbled upon an article recommending converting from proprietary camera raw to dng systematically. What are your thoughts on this, kind forum...
  7. braver

    First LrCC Android Impressions: the Holy Grail is Nigh!

    After being a loyal iOS only user for 11 years, I've finally decided to give Android a try with Note 9 -- most of all, for the S Pen, and the 512GB internal memory, and the microSD card for storing my Lr Mobile-uploaded albums, 330K+, locally. I also wanted to try importing in the field and...
  8. C

    JPG to DNG

    I'm new to photography, new to LR and new to this forum so here goes with a very basic question. My camera only shoots JPG images and I wonder whether it matters whether I choose to Copy As DNG or just Copy. I now know that DNG is designed for RAW files but in my case, with JPG, what would the...
  9. D

    Develop module Only some .dng files are treated as RAW?

    I've been scratching my head for a rather large handful of hours now trying to get the newer Adobe Raw profiles to work for me. Every raw photo I take with my phone and import into Lightroom Classic CC gets none of the raw-specific features, no special profiles or nothing. Defaults to ''color''...
  10. Carl F in MD

    No color profile tagging of DNGs?

    Operating System: mac high sierra OS x 10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.7.1 Do DNG photos possess a color profile or, since this is still sensor data in a wrapper (from NEF-raw in my case), do we say there _is no_ inherent color profile? I had not been paying...
  11. D

    No GPS in DNG files after import

    Operating System: MAC OS Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.12 Hi all, Recently I installed a camera app on my iPhone, allowing me to shoot Raw (DNG files). I have set Location Services on for the app and in the Camera Roll I can see photos taken with the app get a...
  12. Peter Streng

    Lightroom embeds the camera profile into DNG, Why?

    Operating System: W10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 This might be a tricky question, but I would be very pleased to see it solved somehow, because it´s very annoying. In Lightroom you have the possibility to create your own camera profiles...
  13. Eightysevens

    Confusion About Digital Negative [SOLVED]

    I want to know how to prepare a digital negative in LR6 for use in creation of cyanotype production. I have tried importing as DNG (which I understand is a digital negative), but the DNG doesn't look at all like I expected a negative to look; it just looks exactly the same as any other NEF or...
  14. OffbeatBryce

    Lightroom Mobile Flash Won't turn on in DNG mode

    I'm really confused and I'm hoping it's just me and not the app. When I take photos with .jpg the flash can be turned on and it stays on. When I switch to DNG mode the flash turns off and the flash button is not active. I can't even turn it on. Does anyone know how to fix this? It's very...
  15. guido.coza

    best way of "transporting" metadata changes

    Hi all and a awesome 2017 to come I have all my pics on a mobile drive and lightroom installed on 3 different computer. The question is,: if I want to show a buddy of mine some pics and the changes I have done to it but do not want to haul my laptop around, which would be the best file format...
  16. Kennis

    iPhone 7+ Portrait Mode and save RAW?

    Hi, I've trying to figure out if I can use the Portrait Mode (the bokeh effect) on the iPhone 7+ AND save a RAW file using LR Mobile. I know that I can use the telephoto lens in the LR Mobile app, but that is not the same as using the Portrait Mode. So far I think the answer is no, but I'd...
  17. BobMc

    DNG Support for New Cameras?

    I always thought to look at new camera RAW files in LR before RAW support for that camera was supported you could Import using "Copy as DNG". I got this dialog box:
  18. R

    Convert RAW files to DNG in Lightroom

    I convert my Raw images to DNG as part of my LR workflow. I have Windows 7 (64 bit) on my PC, but Windows Photo Viewer will not/cannot display a preview of any image. I understand there is a way to get around this, but am not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated. R/
  19. mkilci

    To DNG or not to DNG?

    Hello all, I have an opportunity to clean my whole photo library. I was considering converting all my RAW to DNG as I re-import. What are your thoughts DNG vs leave it as RAW? If DNG, embed the RAW or no? I read this article and now I have doubts...
  20. N

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:s jpg files to LR, where?

    In my new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge I taken photos with dng+jpg. That means a picture is taken with both dng+jpg at the same time. (There is no possibility to take only dng-files.) I use Onesync to export the dng+jpg files to OneDrive. The files are exported to a map on my desktop (and...
  21. B

    Invalid DNG from specific date-period and camera?

    Hi, I have a whole bunch of invalid DNG's. At first it seemed they were appearing at random, but I have now discovered that they are from a specific period and camera. - They are all from a Fujifilm XE-2 - Shot using multiple lenses - All from the period 17th Jan, 2015, to 08th April, 2015 -...
  22. D

    Import question,DNG

    I am going thru the Lightroom ebook quickstart and am working on import. The pictures in the ebook do not exactly line up with what I have in the lightroom program, so I am wondering if I would check the box convert to DNG in the advanced section. I don't see that covered in the book Thanks Doug
  23. P

    Camera Profile help needed

    Hello, I just purchased a Camera Trax Color Checker. It didn't come with software. I got it off Amazon. I'm trying to get photos with this color checker to make a camera profile from it. I shoot in JPG. Is there a way I can do this or do I need to shoot in Raw? I discovered I need to use a...
  24. P

    TIFF vs DNG

    I have seen a number of discussions as to the benefits of either TIFF or DNG but am still unclear as to which is most appropriate. I am going to be scanning a large number of slides using SilverFast scanning software to scan and manipulate. Then storing and editing in Lightroom and editing where...
  25. Roelof Moorlag

    Windows Explorer is crashing on DNG (compatible Lightroom 4.1)

    I almost never navigate to my folders with DNG files so i never noticed before but explorer is crashing on folders where DNG's reside which are made with compatibility with Lightroom 4.1 (CR 7.1). First i tought it had to do with my RAF files, turned into DNG's but i think it has to do with the...