dng format

  1. T

    Should I convert Nikon raw NEFs to DNG on import? And should I convert existing NEFs to DNGs?

    Hi Forum gurus I'm an amateur and have been importing a lot of Nikon NEFs over the years (various bodies) and for that matter RAW files from Canons, Lumix etc. Have done numerous edits, flags etc. I have only now become aware of DNG. I'm not sure what DNGs claimed benefits are, as of Sep 2021...
  2. christinahealthnut

    Help! How do I convert xmp files to dng files to sell as Lightroom mobile presets??

    Hello there! I have spent HOURS scouring the web, watched countless YouTube tutorials, and I still can't seem to find the most current information on how I convert my xmp Lightroom presets into dng presets? I have Lightroom CC (subscription) and when I created the presets on my desktop version...
  3. P

    LR will not import Raw photos taken on iPhone 7 with Procamera

    Lightroom 6.3 does not want to cooperate with importing photos taken with my new iPhone7 plus. It shows the photos with a dng icon only, no preview and shows them as errors as it tries to import them. To add to this confusion I noticed that it did import a couple but left the rest. I have tried...
  4. I

    DNG from JPG?

    I just started to learn LR and I use the JPG format as imported from my camera. Is there any point in trying to convert it to DNG when processing in LR? (I believe it's not even possible because of the reduced resolution by the JPG file size) I just want to make sure before spending the time on...
  5. B

    Invalid DNG from specific date-period and camera?

    Hi, I have a whole bunch of invalid DNG's. At first it seemed they were appearing at random, but I have now discovered that they are from a specific period and camera. - They are all from a Fujifilm XE-2 - Shot using multiple lenses - All from the period 17th Jan, 2015, to 08th April, 2015 -...
  6. T

    Importing DNG's

    I just returned home from a 30-day vacation during which I took a lot of photos. Each night during my trip I would export the RAW photos from that day onto a portable hard drive and convert them to .dng format. Now I'm home and importing all the .dng files into my main LR catalog, but it's...