1. jemostrom

    Advice for external SSD for Mac Mini?

    I just noticed that the internal disk of Mac Mini have started to fill up, of course the Lightroom Catalog is a major culprit here (the photos are already on an external disk) and I'm starting to consider moving the LR Catalog to an external SSD. Does anyone have any recommendations for a...
  2. Paul_DS256

    Need New Computer

    Even though my Dell XPS 8700 was running Windows 7 very nicely, like many, I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10. After frequent crashes, it would not come back nor will accept a new install (very long story with multiple attempts and needing to use the Intel Rapid Storage Tech built on the...
  3. mantra

    photoshop cc scratch disk question on osx sierra question

    Hi i run photoshop cc 2018/2017 and cc 2015 under sierra last built osx my machine has 32GB of ram , and i bought a second ssd for scratch disk i have setup photoshop to use this second scratch disk well i started photoshop cc open a raw file or a jpg , while it's open and running , i gave...