1. Y

    Import Back-of-camera image different than RAW image

    Hello! I'm on the latest version of lightroom on Mac Monterey and shooting on a Fujifilm xpro2. I just switched to lightroom classic from Lightroom CC. In lightroom CC, I was able to shoot RAW and have camera settings applied so that the RAW image in Lightroom CC looked exactly like my...
  2. T

    Develop module not creating 1:1 previews

    Hi. Not sure when this started, but currently if i zoom in on an image in Develop it does not present the 1:1 preview so image looks blurred. In Library they are fine. I've tried rebuilding 1:1 and smart previews, but i dont think that changes what Develop does. Is there some setting for this as...
  3. markstothard

    LrC Swapping Left and Right Panels

    I've always believed the sum of our experiences and knowledge makes us individuals, and each of us has different workflows in our practice. With this Adobe in Lightroom Classic v 12.x; added swap left and right panels across the UI or in the Develop module only. Believing this may have been...
  4. jposada01

    Is there a facility for macros in LR?

    Hi guys...I photograph live theatre and live music...when I'm processing theatre, there are some things I do over and over. I'm aware of presets. However, I'd like to script a sequence because I may need to insert an input in the sequence of steps. Does LR (Windows 10) have the ability to...
  5. C

    Maximizing LR Classic Performance for DEVELOP (where vast majority of time spent, going bt photos back and forth to compare; making develop adjustment

    Hello hive-mind, The Apple Studio M1 Max vs ULTRA benchmarking articles have been rolling in. HOWEVER, the tests seem to focus on batch processes (eg, import/export) vs. Interactive function speeds where we spend most of our time (and are "chained" to the computer vs start export and walk away...
  6. P

    Colour difference between modules and 'before/after'

    I am finding a noticeable difference between the Library and Develop modules of the colours (reds and blues in particular) of some images recently imported into Lightroom (latest 11.2 version). My import preset only applies the chromatic aberration and lens profile corrections, but otherwise no...
  7. D

    My photos are making themselves brighter every time I zoom in LR develop.

    Since I started using Canon R5 every time I zoom in in develop my photo gets brighter, so im not sure if its adjusted or what's with the photo. If anybody had any tip or could help I would be really happy if I could get answer.
  8. markstothard

    Whats the difference, Edits / Adjustments

    Can anyone explain, what the difference between the terms? Edits / Adjustments I see these in smart collections. Thank you
  9. M

    XMP Presets

    Hi I downloaded a set of presets the other day (from 'Optical Wander'). They are .xmp type files. I have tried to import them within the develop module, in varios ways, having copied them to different folders, and it always comes up with 'The preset file was the wrong type of preset' I use LR6...
  10. nIkedoni1a

    Develop module How to use new Lr CC tools on images imported with earlier versions of Lr?

    I have images that i imported into Lr back in 2010 using whatever was the current version of Lr was back then. At the time I only performed only very basic edits and upon reviewing them now i know i could do much better now with the new tools in Lr CC. I thought that when Lr updated the...
  11. A

    Best tool for removing unwanted object?

    I have a photograph where the blurry edge of a finger has intruded down into the field of view. This part of the image is a lightly-textured blank wall of uniform color. It seems like it should be easy to "paint" over this area with a swatch from the wall, but I'm really a newbie at retouching...
  12. B

    Bug Report Sept. 25 2019 update

    I posted this bug report this morning Sept 26. "Switching from library or map modules to develop module results in a black screen. Switching back is normal. The only way to edit is to shut down the application and restart. I am using Windows 10 Pro Build 17763.737. This bug came with the...
  13. S

    sharpness in different modules.

    Hi. Can somebody explain why in the library module the photos look pin sharp and when i go into the develop module the sharpness just disappears and the image looks as if it hasn't been sharpened even though it has and nothing has changed. Swap back and it looks perfect again. This is after...
  14. B

    Develop module Rendering difference between Library and Develop module

    Hey all, I've noticed a significant difference in the the rendering of an LR-stitched panorama between the develop and library modules. I'm relatively new to LR, but this is the first time I've observed such a disparity. As seen in the attached screenshots; the Library module rendering looks a...
  15. David Gordon

    Develop's 'Auto' results for Vibrance & Saturation

    Develop's 'Auto' works much better nowadays. But I notice it increases Vibrance and Saturation a bit too much for me. I can fix that using Jeffrey’s “Bag-o-Goodies” but wondered why its doing what its doing. I can see how the auto exposure works and there are technical reasons to move the Tone...
  16. Martin van Gog

    Develop module Additional External Editor

    When I choose a additional external Editor, I can save it as preset. But when I right+click on the image, 'edit in ......', PhotoShop is there and the second one is *.exe. [See attachted file] That's functional OK. But for aesthetic reason, I'm searching for a manner to get rid of...
  17. F

    Script (or alternative) to copy and paste "Crop" Develop settings based on filename.

    Hello everyone! New guy in the forums here. Here's my issue and I'd be grateful if any of the pros out there could chime in. Basically, I'm digitizing old film negatives through a scanner. I have captured a scan of both the RGB and also an infrared scan (used as a dust mask to clean up the...
  18. J

    Develop defaults from LR5.7 to Lightroom Classic CC?

    Hi to all, This is my first post here. Just migrated to LR Class CC on a newly built PC. Happy so far. Has anyone copied hers/his develop defaults from LR5 to LR7? I will try to do so tomorrow and I wonder if it is going to work just like that. As I've made my develop defaults Both camera and...
  19. A

    Photo changes when switching to Develop

    Dear all: hope you can help. I am running the 7.3.1 release of Classic CC on a Windows 7 desktop PC. * Previously, when I looked at a photo in the Library module, then clicked to go into the Develop module, that photo was automatically displayed on-screen in Develop. I could get to work on it...
  20. D

    Photos disappear in develop module- help!

    Hi. I have imported raw files via standard setting. They are all visible in navigator, filmstrip and library module BUT when I click into develop module, the selected photo doesn't show. I just black screen, it even shows me photo info, but no photo. Please help. I am totally uptodate.
  21. L

    Import Default Develop Profile/Settings by Camera

    Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 6.14 As part of my preliminary learning experience I have identified that imports of RAW images certainly do not match jpegs seen in the cameras. I have seen and read that LR applies its own 'adobe...
  22. jlorenzo

    Library Module vs Develop Module

    A friend of mine asked me a good question and that is why does his Library module look so much different from his Develop module. I had a look at his modules and the difference was at least 1-1.5 stops Library being darker than develop. I made sure he was using the correct color space for the...
  23. mantra

    apply a develop preset to many photos from library ,can I ?

    Hi i have created some smart collections related to the lenses i have used and i have created a develop preset for each lenses (just an simple example preset ->lens correction ->(adobe )profile lens well i want to apply these preset to a buch of photos , around 100 can i do from library module...
  24. P

    Questions on the "Editing Workflow" in Victoria's Lightroom FAQ book

    I just discovered the Editing Workflow flowchart. Adobe PDF reader says it's page 322 of the book. (If you don't have Victoria's book, by all means do get it, unless you are one of the real gurus in this forum.) This flowchart is the most detailed editing workflow I've found, and it seems...
  25. M

    Editing Style

    Hi I am reasonable new to lightroom. Please could any body tell me how to edit a photo in this style (attached)? What characteristics should I be looking for when editing my own photos for a similar look? thanks