develop module

  1. B

    Develop module - a few images are black

    Out of 200 images, 4 otherwise normal images suddenly become black in the Develop module when they were selected (they're OK in Library). The issue persists after resetting the preferences. As I wrote this, more images now suffer from this issue: an hour ago, I was able to edit them, and now...
  2. R

    Print editing workflow

    I'm starting on a large collection of photos shot on Kodachrome in the 80s. There's a lot with cyan/magenta casts so there is a lot of trial and error colour correction needed. For key shots there may be three or more variations that I incrementally print as I try to find the best colour for the...
  3. markus_1

    Customize Lens Correction Vendor List and Lens Model List

    Hi! I use several lenses that are not recognized by LR so I have to assign the lens correction profile manually a lot. So I would like to get rid of all those vendors and lenses I do not own or use. Any chance to achieve that? Kind regards Markus
  4. SethC

    'Edit in Photoshop' does not include Lightroom adjustments in Classic CC 7.2

    Hi there, When using the 'Edit in Photoshop CC' dialogue from within Lightroom the image that opens in PS CC does not include all the adjustments that I have made in LR CC. I noticed it when opening a black and white image - it simply opens as a colour image. Some of the adjustments are...
  5. C

    Develop module Lightroom 5 shuts down- Mac Os High Sierra

    Hello everybody! i'm new here. my problem is that whenever i try to use the color palette n the Develop module my Lightroom 5 shuts down. I have a MacBook Pro, with the operative system : Mac Os Sierra High. I tried for days to resolve this problem by creating a new catalogue, changing the...
  6. J

    Develop module Image not the same in Library as in Develop

    Operating System: Windows 8.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.0 Grainy image that I improved look great in Develop, but still grainy in Library and when exported. What have i done wrong?
  7. K

    I just did the upgrade to LR Classic. When LR Classic opens, it freezes my MAC

    Operating System: OS 10.11.6 El Capitan Lightroom Version: CC 2015 - apparently now upgraded to LR Classic Question or Description of Problem: The conversion/upgrade to LR Classic completed successfully but when LR opened, it was in the Develop module at the last image I worked on yesterday...
  8. Kevin Sholder

    Odd Shadow Artifacts

    When developing an image I'm seeing some colored dots in the shadow areas of the image. I'd like to know what this might be and how I can eliminate it. When I adjust the shadow slider for the image they do disappear, so perhaps I'm trying to recover to much detail in the shadow area. What...
  9. Austin Metcalf

    How can I save advanced develop presets?

    I recently downloaded a VSCO pack, and I noticed that some of the presets that it comes with have the ability to adjust very specific things in the develop module. For instance there is a preset in the color toolkit that will add +40 to just the blue saturation slider. It will not only...
  10. S

    strange develop screen in LR CC

    does anybody has this image in het lightroom develop module? I have a Dell 2715K 5k display, latest version of Windows 10 and latest version of Lightroom CC. My video card is an nvideo geforce 1060 with 6GB ram.
  11. M

    help with developing style

    Hi New to this forum , hope i have the right place for this. I am interested in learning to edit my photos in a particular style. Please can anybody give me any tips about what conisistencies these people's photos (attached) have, and what I should be aiming to do to acheive a similar look and...
  12. U

    Develop module and profile

    Hi, I’m all new here. Seems like a focused and nice forum so I joined in. So, this is my problem: I have a 14-bit uncompressed NEF-file in AdobeRGB Import to Lightroom. Looks a lot like a dull RAW in Develop. In Library it´s much clearer. A change/edit in Develop shows in Library. For example...
  13. Russ Gifford

    Picture x of y information on Toolbar

    I don't see a way to do this, but I would like to know if there is a way to get a 'picture x of y' in the Develop Module Toolbar. This would be helpful to know where I am (e.g. picture 25 of 550) in the editing process. This isn't a major deal, I know that I can certainly select all pictures...
  14. B

    Change in sharpness

    Hi I've been having an issue for a while now where the sharpness of my images does not appear correctly when viewed at regular size. When I zoom in to 1:1 the image renders sharp, but when I return to 'Fit' size the sharpness disappears after a split second. This occurs in both the Library and...
  15. K

    Lighroom 6 CC - Develop Module under Lens Corrections only shows PROFILE and MANUAL

    Can you guys help? I am missing 2 of the 4 options that used to be in Lightroom Lens Corrections panel, I am working from within the Develop Module. Working on CR2 files and .DNG files. I only have Profile and Manual as options under Lens Corrections. I used to have COLOR and (I forgot the...
  16. H

    Lightroom Faster > Faster

    Because I own a very fast iMac with 64GB RAM, I still experience some slowness in the Develop module. Other programs don't suffer and go very fast. I understand there are a lot of things have to be done after editing before you see a full screen after you have pushed the F-key. It takes 4-5...
  17. B

    Develop Module not working on new computer

    I've downloaded Lightroom (6.0) onto my new laptop computer and I'm having trouble with the Develop Module. In fact, the develop module doesn't display the selected image. I can see the image in the Navigator and I can see all of the images in the folder on the film strip. But in the working...
  18. K

    Images darken in develop module after upgrade to LR 6.4

    Hi all this is my first post in this forum, so please be patient with me. I have searched for this problem and did not find an answer. Here's my problem: - After upgrading to LR 6.4, all images in my library appear darker when entering the develop module. It's not camera specific. The problem...
  19. Bxbche

    Sluggish Lightroom and brush tools with new PC.

    I just completed a PC build to replace my 2010 dell laptop. I was focused on building a PC that would perform great for Photoshop and Lightroom my new PC has the following i7 6700k overclocked to 4.4 ghz (4 core / 8 threads) 64gb gskills ripjaws 5 ram ddr4 gigabyte SOC force z170...