develop mode

  1. gegjrphotography

    Develop module Why is LrC 11x Not pasting develop settings from previous image?

    Hi , I was going through some older ARW images making develop edits, nothing serious just some exposure, highlight, shadow, white, black adjustments. Since many of the images were pretty much duplicates, bicycle riders, I would edit 1 then select next image, right click select paste settings...
  2. Birdbrain186

    Is there a way to copy "edit history" ?

    As a precaution against "catastrophic failure" I have started keeping for backup purposes a duplicate copy of all my RAW files on different external drive to the "first copy" RAW files. And as part of my "workflow", after making .jpg files from the RAW files, I then copy (using Windows...
  3. H

    Color wheel persistent in Develop Module

    Hello everyone, Please help, I cannot get any work done. While in the Develop Module the color wheel pops ups every time I click the mouse to make any adjustments or switch modules. It takes 30 minutes to accomplish a task I typically complete in couple minutes. LR has been working fine, no...
  4. L

    Image visible in library but screen is black when I go to develop

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic Hi there, I have recently upgraded lightroom and am working "classic" on my desktop. I just uploaded some new images and can see them all fine in the library. When I open them in "develop" however in the...
  5. RonnieSue

    Need to retrieve Info on bottom in Develop Mode

    For some reason, i keep losing the bottom info in the develope mode. what's missing is the spot where you can check or uncheck whether to see the red areas when you use the spot brush. also missing is the word "DONE" when you use the spot brush. i know i've lost it before and can't figure out...