destination panel

  1. M

    downloading photos

    All of a sudden, when inserting a card file and choosing Import, the destination arrow to my hard drive files does not open. My choices Mac HD or Mac Backups.backupdb are available. I should have the complete folders to choose from on...
  2. T

    Import Lightroom internal HD not appearing in Desinations when choosen.

    Greetings, Problem: When I am importing photographs from a card or external HD to light room it won't let me index my drive so I can see the files. I can choose the drive in TO but it won't show up in destinations. Information: I have a MAIN drive for windows and Programs, then a secondary...
  3. M

    Missing destination volumes

    Hello all, new here. Lightroom has lost the ability to see two of my destination volumes and I do not know how to get Lightroom to "see" them again. Any help would be appreciated. Please note that both volumes do not have permission issues. Both volumes are mounted and working properly...
  4. garantandre

    Import Missing destination panel

    Since the last update I guess I am missing the destination panel with all my drive in the import screen . I only have the last destination as default on top . Is it new or is it a bug? Did a right clic with the mouse to see if he was check but it is not there anymore I have only the 2 first one
  5. S

    destination panel not showing during import

    Hi I just loaded my lightroom on an iMac with El Capitan. During import, all my photos are getting imported into "Catalog/All photographs" that I see on the left hand panel. But the right hand side does not show a Destination panel so I can control where these imports go. My LR6 and iTunes...