1. Ian Farlow

    Laptop and Desktop Options with Lightroom Classic

    As I see it, there are two basic options if I want to use Lightroom Classic with both a desktop and a laptop: I would have a master catalog on the desktop where all of my images reside, and a secondary (or "temporary") catalog on the laptop for use when I am away from the desktop. If I import...
  2. M

    Lightroom CC to Classic Desktop

    Hi, Fairly new here and I owe this group for maintaining progress with LR. Newb Question is: I initially uploaded all my photos to CC 45k photos. I installed classic on desktop. If I turn on syncing is classic going to download copies of all those photos onto my hard drive? I don't want to...
  3. H

    Workflow for desktop and laptop with LR6.1

    Hi! I’m starting as a novice user to LightRoom6.14 even though I’ve played with LR for around a year. I saw a thread on the forum “Vacation Workflow” with LR6. I read that and thought I could use it as a basis for my general workflow yet…. The general conclusion was to use a single portable...
  4. J

    Transferring edits of a single image

    There are times when I want to just take the edits I've done in LR on my laptop where the image file is on a portable hard drive and just transfer them to my desktop which already has the image file but does not have the edits of that specific file. How do I transfer my edits?
  5. J

    Computer bonk, reinstalled LR 6 (CD), what now?

    I have LR 6 on my laptop and desktop. My laptop bonked and only way to save was to wipe it and start fresh. However, my data was saved. I had to re-install LR 6 on my laptop. Now what? I believe my edits/catalogs were saved on my hard drive on my laptop but now how do I import photos and...
  6. Miscolo

    Deleting from phone also deletes on desktop

    Hi folks, I want to: 1. take raw photos on LR mobile for iPhone 2. sync them to my desktop for keeps 3. remove them from my phone I can't do step 3. If I delete a photo from 'Lightroom Photos' on my phone, it's removed from 'All Synced Photographs' on my desktop. I believe I'm being quite...