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    Lightroom deleted thousands of photos and any edits I made in the month of April

    Hi if anyone has any solutions that would be great. All original RAW files are luckily backed up on a hard drive, but I lost every single edit I made. None of the photos are even in the lightroom catalog. I have been using lightroom for years and never had this issue. Every thing from March is...
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    Deleted - Recovered - Error Catalog file

    Hi! I got myself into some trouble the other day when I deleted my catalog file. Yes, lets not dwell on that for to long... I got this software to scan my hard-drive and it found a file that should be my catalog file, although it had changed the name, reconstructed it and recovered it back to...
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    Please Help, I'm in a pinch! - "This File Could Not Be Found"

    My worst nightmare - FIRST time I've charged for photography (wopping $40) and I accidents delete the photos. I HAVE to find a way to recover these! I tried to download the "scripts zip" file...that didn't work because it's not showing on my toolbar like it is on the YouTube person's toolbar...

    Disappearing Images-HELP!

    Hi I am new to Lightroom 6, (and photography in general), and am having an issue with my images missing after I upload them to lightroom,and then to shootproof for my clients to view. Here (was) my steps in importing/exporting: (very simplified I know for you experts) 1-insert SD card, import...