1. S

    Delete files from LIghtroom Photos on my iPhone

    I regularly use my LR camera, DNG file quality, to capture photos with my iPhone. They end up in my "Lightroom Photos" folder on my iPhone and are automatically synchronized to a designated folder in LR Desktop. Whenever I open LR Desktop, I move my files from the designated folder to their...
  2. Sparkysnapper

    Catalogue merge question....

    Evening all, All help much appreciated as I'm a real newbie muppet! Operating Lr cc with a subscription. I just bought a windows laptop purely for Lightroom/photography. Before this I used a mac at home for this job. I ended up with 2 catalogues when I really only wanted one. I copied the...
  3. I-See-Light

    Does "Delete to Disk" leave photos in 'Trash'?

    I have CC2015.10 on a Dell XPS17 Windows-10 on C: (SSD), images on internal E: 750Gb spin drive. Last night I cleaned up my catalog to remove many, many files (NEF, DNG,JPG) that were full copies of my Desktop photos. I used 'X' to reject, I used the Spray can to apply 'X' to reject, then...
  4. MRJJ

    Removing Unwanted Keywords

    When I first began using LR I had created several keywords that were great for that assignment. Now, whenever I begin a new project a couple of those original keywords pop up with an * after them. I have deleted them numerous times, yet they persist. Is there a way to permanently remove those...
  5. Miscolo

    Deleting from phone also deletes on desktop

    Hi folks, I want to: 1. take raw photos on LR mobile for iPhone 2. sync them to my desktop for keeps 3. remove them from my phone I can't do step 3. If I delete a photo from 'Lightroom Photos' on my phone, it's removed from 'All Synced Photographs' on my desktop. I believe I'm being quite...
  6. F

    Remove from Collection?

    Why is it that when I right click an image in LRCC I sometimes have an option to Delete, or just remove from collection, and other times my only option is to remove from collection, and how can I control the choices?
  7. J

    Keyword list a mess

    Hi I have been incredibly disorganised and have a messed up list of keywords. Is there a way I can 'ditch' the current list and start a new one?