1. Ray Thompson

    Combining Multiple Catalogs

    I've learned my lesson (DON'T use multiple catalogs!), but in combining the ones I had already created I have run into a serious glitch. I tried to do this very systematically: 1. New folder in Pictures for LR Only 2. In that folder, a folder for photos and a second for the ALLCatalog. 3...
  2. M

    Not getting the option to delete rejected photos from disk

    Hi I must be doing something strange. If I mark rejected phots with an X (to reject it) and then go to the Photo menu to bulk remove them, I only get the option to remove them from the collection, not delete them from disk. Is anyone else having this issue or I have failed to tick a box...
  3. W

    Replace RAW or PSD files in Lightroom with JPEG copies

    Years ago, I made many simple photo adjustments using Photoshop. Now I want to replace most of the old PSD files with JPEG copies, because those old PSD files waste a lot of space and really have no useful information. However, I want to retain all the information associated with the original...
  4. D

    Locked Images

    Hi - Probably has come up before but on a cursory search didn't see my specific problem: images in LRC cannot be deleted > locked When I "Get Info" on their folder in finder - I allow for read and write, apply to other folders But still cannot delete. I do not have another backup of these...
  5. B

    Lightroom deleted thousands of photos and any edits I made in the month of April

    Hi if anyone has any solutions that would be great. All original RAW files are luckily backed up on a hard drive, but I lost every single edit I made. None of the photos are even in the lightroom catalog. I have been using lightroom for years and never had this issue. Every thing from March is...
  6. gegjr

    Library module Organization

    I ran across something I've never done in all the years I've been using Lightroom including the old stand-alone days. I was doing some image housekeeping and thought I was removing (deleting from hard drive) 1 image but in fact deleted several images I still apparently had selected and I didn't...
  7. Bob Petrow

    Deleting Pictures in LRC Folders

    In Lightroom Classic V-11, does deleting pictures in folders, delete them from your Catalog? As background, I imported my Apple Photos to Lightroom. I want to eliminate the Lightroom Folders IF it will not impact what is "Synced" and "All Photographs." Thank you in advance.
  8. R

    Deleting files on android phone after import to LR Mobile

    I'm sure this question is asked and answered but apparently I don't know enough to find the info in a search. It's not from lack of trying I promise! In short, I've gone on a trip and taken thousands of photos. I've installed LR Mobile for Samsung and I've sync'd those photos. I can log into...
  9. N+13

    Delete Photo Fails

    In the middle of a late night editing session, I could no longer delete photos; not with delete key or menu / remove photo. Nothing happens, no message. Rebooted computer and LR, the problem was not fixed. Checked Windows Explorer and "Read only" is NOT set. Rebooted everything again, no joy. I...
  10. S

    Delete files from LIghtroom Photos on my iPhone

    I regularly use my LR camera, DNG file quality, to capture photos with my iPhone. They end up in my "Lightroom Photos" folder on my iPhone and are automatically synchronized to a designated folder in LR Desktop. Whenever I open LR Desktop, I move my files from the designated folder to their...
  11. Sparkysnapper

    Catalogue merge question....

    Evening all, All help much appreciated as I'm a real newbie muppet! Operating Lr cc with a subscription. I just bought a windows laptop purely for Lightroom/photography. Before this I used a mac at home for this job. I ended up with 2 catalogues when I really only wanted one. I copied the...
  12. Rob_Cullen

    Does "Delete to Disk" leave photos in 'Trash'?

    I have CC2015.10 on a Dell XPS17 Windows-10 on C: (SSD), images on internal E: 750Gb spin drive. Last night I cleaned up my catalog to remove many, many files (NEF, DNG,JPG) that were full copies of my Desktop photos. I used 'X' to reject, I used the Spray can to apply 'X' to reject, then...
  13. MRJJ

    Removing Unwanted Keywords

    When I first began using LR I had created several keywords that were great for that assignment. Now, whenever I begin a new project a couple of those original keywords pop up with an * after them. I have deleted them numerous times, yet they persist. Is there a way to permanently remove those...
  14. Miscolo

    Deleting from phone also deletes on desktop

    Hi folks, I want to: 1. take raw photos on LR mobile for iPhone 2. sync them to my desktop for keeps 3. remove them from my phone I can't do step 3. If I delete a photo from 'Lightroom Photos' on my phone, it's removed from 'All Synced Photographs' on my desktop. I believe I'm being quite...
  15. F

    Remove from Collection?

    Why is it that when I right click an image in LRCC I sometimes have an option to Delete, or just remove from collection, and other times my only option is to remove from collection, and how can I control the choices?
  16. J

    Keyword list a mess

    Hi I have been incredibly disorganised and have a messed up list of keywords. Is there a way I can 'ditch' the current list and start a new one?