delete photos

  1. VictoriaJZ

    Is it safe to delete one of a pair of images, one of which is RAW and the other jpeg

    I had raw pictures from my Canon camera and imported them into LRC - then I did some edits and a jpeg was created [ie IMG_6868.CR3 = IMG_6868.jpeg] - I am fine with working with the jpegs [we are not talking about fine art here = otherwise I'd keep the raw files of course]. But if I have the...
  2. F

    Delete--> delete from disk really does just that now?!

    Running the latest version on an M1 MacBook Pro (and other than the apparently known issue of it quitting suddenly if I go to the Map module immediately after importing images everything works fine) but this seems like new behavior. Before, when I would select one or a thousand images and pres...
  3. P

    Matching rejected jpegs with RAW counterpart

    When I cull through my images I do so by viewing just the jpegs. When done culling, before I can delete the rejected images I must also match the RAW files. Simple manual process but with so many images this becomes a waste of time and tiresome. Is there a way I can filter these rejected...
  4. BertL

    Deleting Photos via Collection

    Have tried searching here and in Victoria's Missing FAQ to no avail. Looking for a tip on the steps you use to destructively delete one or more photos you run across via a Collection (from both the Lightroom catalog and the disk -- not just the smart or dumb collection view itself.) My...
  5. BobR

    Deleting a photo - works for 1 but then goes into a loop, requires cancelling and restarting.

    Selecting a number of photos [all in the same folder] and 'X ing each one' - then asking for all them to be deleted - deletes them all then loops. Windows 7 64bit - was using LR4.4 - but did nothing much for 3 years. Updated last week to Classic about 5 days ago, For the first 3 days - I got...
  6. Y

    Lightroom Classic Error ?:0: attempt to index field 'rootFile' (a nil value)

    Hi everyone, I'm using Lightroom Classic on Mac OS High Sierra desktop. I've got about 26K photos, out of which two photos are corrupted. I've succeeded to identify these photos , but I cannot delete nor remove them. Their thumbnails previews are blank. These photos whose path are corrupted...
  7. P

    LR 5.7 Unable to move and unable to delete photos with LR

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. I have been using LR 5.7 on an Apple Mac with Sierra OS for 2-3 years but still feel like a novice! I have trawled through several forums, problems statement and helpful answers but still have a problem - which is this: The hard drive with all my photos...
  8. B

    cleaning hard drive

    I have been removing photos from the catalog, thinking that I was also deleting them from the hard drive. I now realise that I was wrong, and wish to delete those photos from the hard drive. How can I identify those photos to delete them (without doing it all manually)?
  9. BobMc

    what effect does deleting an imported image have on previews?

    I always create 1:1 previews on import. With my last shoot, I had to delete several images and it occurred to me that I don't know what effect that has, if any, on the previews for the deleted images. Anyone know? BobMc
  10. S

    Deleting photos on mobile device without removing elsewhere

    Trying in vain to figure out how to manage Lightroom Mobile photos on my mobile devices. I’m using the LR camera to take RAW photos and sync to iPad and iMac. My iPad is old so I’d like to free up space and delete LR mobile photos on it. Is it possible to do that and not affect the photos...
  11. A

    Keyboard shortcut to permanently delete single pictures?

    I'm a newbie in Lightroom. One thing I really miss is a fast way of deleting pictures I do not want to keep. In most programs when you get a dialogue where you have to choose between several options (for instance between Remove, Cancel and Delete from disk as in this case, the keyboard-arrows...
  12. J

    Slow deleting photos...Corrupt catalog?

    For at least a year I have experienced slow performance when deleting photos. I get a message that says "updating everything" in a window titled "removing photos from services". It can take 5 to 10 min until I get the window asking me if I want to delete the photo from the disc or just remove it...
  13. B

    Deleted iPhone photos keep reappearing for LR import on iMac

    I import my iPhone photos directly from phone to iMac, then into Lightroom 4.4. After culling and deleting unwanted photos in LR, and removing them in Trash, they somehow reappear on my hard drive to be imported into LR again. iCloud Drive is not activated on my iMac. None of these are...