1. S

    How can I see the dates in the grid on the desktop app

    Hi: How can I see the dates in the grid on the desktop app? I can see the dates with the photos grouped in segments on the app and on the web version, but not in the app. Thanks.
  2. W

    Qucik question: scroll and view date?

    Hi. Didn't Lightroom used to have a feature where you could scroll a library in Library view and have an 'overlay' of the date/year appear as you scrolled? If anyone knows how to turn this feature (back) on I'll be greatly obliged. Good wishes
  3. Sashina

    Moving photos from Mobile 'Imported Photos': Creating new date folders in catalog

    Greetings! When importing images from an SD card or similar source, I'm fine with how Lightroom creates appropriate dated folders at time of import. That's all working smoothly for me. But when I import from Mobile (ie moving photos from my 'Samsung XXX' / Imported Photos' folder (photos taken...
  4. C

    Library module Wrong date picked up renaming video files - with workaround

    After importing images & videos, I use the LR internal rename process to prepend the date to the file name. For still images, the date that LR uses for the prepend is the date the image was taken, which is what I want. For videos this isn't the case. Look at the screenshot below. Notice that...
  5. P

    Lightroom importing photos to wrong year

    Hi guys, thanks in advance for your help. I'm a lightroom 4 user, up to date mac software, and I have a new problem with my Nikon D300 importing - it consistently wants to import the photos into a 2016 folder on my external hard drive (Seagate). Capture time for the photos is otherwise correct...
  6. A

    Removing Date stamp from Canon Powershot SX 620 HS

    I recently purchased a Canon Powershot SX 620 HS camera as a replacement for an old Lumix FZ7. As with the FZ7 it only uses Jpeg for output. On importing photos into Lightroom 6.10 (Perpetual Licence), I cannot remove the date stamp from the photos. Having searched Lightroom forums, the...
  7. M

    Creating a collection by month, day but not year

    I want to create a collection by metadata date (month and date only, not year) that spans years. For example I want all photos taken on April 23 for the last 5 years. Why do you ask? I want to look at my bird photos in that way to assess migration patterns. Is there an easy way to do this...
  8. jemostrom

    Export to folder hierarchy by date

    I want to do a favor for some family member and export 5-6000 photos into a folder hierarchy by date. So I want the output files in a hierarchy like this: |-2016 |-----11 |---------05 |---------06 |---------07 |-----12 |---------15 I can't figure out how to do this. Can anyone tell me how to...
  9. Alastair Mclachlan

    Sort by date and merge to existing folder

    I use a date based folder structure. I used to use a subject based structure until i discovered keywords. It's possible to search by date the same way one would search for keywords, but what if you wanted to merge newly imported or exported to photoshop and reimported photos with already...
  10. L

    Export to New Catalogue by Date

    Hi guys, Run into a tricky situation and thought I'd come here for some help. I'm trying to organise an image catalogue with around 100,000 images, pulled from various folders set up by people working without asset management in mind, or indeed any knowledge of the existence of Lightroom, it's...