1. Brent Harsh

    Solved: Info overlay on Secondary Monitor toggling behavior

    For the longest time I have been frustrated with the Info overlay behavior on the secondary monitor - sometimes, it's on; sometimes, it's off; and almost *never* would it obey the "i" keystroke which only seemed to change the main monitor. I finally hammered on things enough to understand why...
  2. hbwilliams22

    What do you include in image Title?

    I heavily use keywords, and wondering what I should be including in the image Title, if anything.
  3. hbwilliams22

    What field is best to use when giving context to an image?

    "File Name" "Title" "Keywords" These are fields that seem to make the most sense. In the past, I used "File Name" to title an image in order to make it searchable. I would use a structure like 2019-08-24 atlanta ga katherine birthday.jpg. As you could imagine, this started to get very tedious...
  4. A

    import move lost all edit data

    Hello I have a question, I had a collection of photos in a catalogue. I wanted to make a new catalogue so I did did an import / move. However this did not bring over the edit history? So they are just the raw cr2s. How can I recover this?