1. C

    Outgrowing LR

    I’m using Lightroom to manage files for product photography, but there are few essential features missing—file versioning and file renaming. I’d appreciate work-around suggestions to improve my LR workflow. After culling for keepers of a Client’s product photos it’s necessary to rename them...
  2. Michael Naylor

    Library module Multiple Tabbed Views

    If only the Library module offered tabs. For over a year now, I've been trying to figure out dates & places for thousands of scanned photos. Trying to guess the ages of people is much easier if I compare images side be side, but this is extremely tedious using Quick Collection. A much better...
  3. Win


    I am starting a new job for a small non-profit. One of my first tasks is to wrangle their photos and videos into a better database for use in social media, newsletters, the website, etc. Of course I have thought about using Lightroom. But I wondered if anyone has any experience with other DAM...