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    Clearing a cell in Custom Layout (Print Module)

    I've looked in the menus and right-clicking etc. but haven't found a way to remove an image from a cell in a custom layout. I can delete the whole cell, but not simply remove an image, leaving the cell empty. Google was no help either. Is this just not possible?
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    Custom order of photos - Sync

    I have a new collection c related on my desktop which is synced to the cloud. They are on my iPad and all ok to this point... I have then gone online on a different computer and then changed the order of the images. How do I save this custom order so that this is the order on my iPad and back on...
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    Creating custom book page layout templates using Page2Lr

    If you ever created a book from inside Lightroom, you probably have wondered how to overcome the limited set of standard layouts. You can use various workarounds, like using the Print module, but this is quite cumbersome. Since I got frustrated with the lack of proper options, I have created an...