1. Nadine

    "Catalogue Error - LR needs to be closed"

    Hi again, quite often I get the message "There was a problem reading the catalogue - LR has to be closed down" - in middle of a session - and then LR crashes. When restarting LR another pop-up message comes up: "When using LR the last time LR had to close unexpectedly due to a problem when...
  2. Nadine

    LR keeps crashing

    Hi there, about 2 weeks ago, I have bought a very expensive gaming laptop to speed up my work with LR as my old laptop was getting very slow and refused to apply the brushes correctly. It started really well and I was happy with my investment because LR worked smoothly and without endless...
  3. M

    It's All gone Horribly Wrong!

    Apologies for this long first post but I need HELP!! I have been a Photography Plan (20GB) subscriber for nearly 3 years and have approx 59,000 photos in my main catalogue. I use LR Classic on 27" iMAC desktop (late 2014) 8GB RAM running Mojave 10.14.6. I have been using mainly Nikon D610 for...
  4. Califdan

    Move folders crashing LrC 11.1?

    Hi, Been working with a client on Window/10 running LrC/11.1. He has a parent images folder ("2021") on an external drive that has a series of subfolers (eg: "BlueAngels") and in some cases a 3rd level. The bottom level folders have a mix of CR3 and Tif files. the Tif's were created by...
  5. M

    LR 10.2 Crashing spontaneously with lock file (Win 10)

    After previous crashes and following suggestions not only did I try a reset preferences but also reinstalled. I also created a new catalog then reimported my photos from the hard drive NOT previous catalog. LR opens OK. I work on the photo and then export to PS. Whilst on PS, LR spont closes and...
  6. H

    Lightroom crashing and can't find reason - Help!

    Hello, everyone. First time I'm posting in the forum, so please let me know if I need to share more information about my case. I need help because my lightroom started crashing and I don't know what to do, I'm quite desperate! I have Lightroom 6.14 installed in my Macbook (macOS High Sierra...
  7. H

    Desktop startup crash issues

    Hi, I started a subscription to Lr & Ps but am unable us the desktop version of Lr - it crashes as soon as it opens. There are a number of forum streams on Adobe Lr site, and the consensus seems to be that it is due to conflict with NVidia, and there are complex instructions for how to disable...
  8. A

    Recently Corrupted Catalog

    Hi all! I have used LR for many years, usually on a daily basis. Some professional work, but also a lot for just personal use. I maintain it well, have it set to remind me about optimise/back-up every shut down, which I do probably once a week or so. A couple of days ago it suddenly crashed...
  9. D

    LR Classic crashing

    Hello all, I've been using LR Classic on Mac OSX High Sierra but changed to a newer 27" iMac - exactly the same setup, however, only had 4GB on the new one. LR Classic just wouldn't stop crashing; once the grid was chosen, even selecting two or three photographs, crash, crash, crash. Thinking...
  10. M

    HDR Merge crashes LR

    Has anyone else experienced this? Curious to know if anyone has noticed this. I have started a report on the bug reporting url for Adobe. HDR Merging 2 raw Sony A7RIV files in latest LR Classic with any ghosting option selected causes a LR crash. It will usually finish the merge but as it...
  11. Slaytanic

    LR6.14 spinning ball on exit, then crashes, on MacOs 10.15.1

    Hi, I've just upgraded to MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 since all my apps were 64-bit and I knew that even my LR 6.14 is working fine with MacOS Catalina, the only think which won't work is LR 6.14 installer, which is 32-bit. Just after the update, I've launched Lightroom, it works fine, I can see...
  12. J

    Develop module Imac crashes when converting to HDR

    Recently my Imac 27inch, 4.2 i7 16 Gig RAM crashes without warning when I attempt to convert images to an HDR or Panorama. Otherwise stable
  13. I

    Crash after a few minutes

    Hello, from 7.2 version often LR crash after a few minutes that has been open (see crash report attached). On the internet I found this solution: a file config.lua inside the folder C:\Users\ianni\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom with this command "DigestManager.dontCalculateDigest = true"...
  14. J

    Lightroom crashes when I try to add keywords using a comma to separate

    Operating System: MacBook Pro, High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC After the first couple done successfully,, Lightroom crashes my computer when I try to add keywords, using a comma to separate them. Anyone else having this problem or have an...
  15. Tim Grollimund

    iMac crashed (1TB HD), moving to Macbook Pro (500GB HD); need help

    On Monday my iMac (Early 2009, 1TB HD) crashed. It's toast. I have a Macbook Pro (2009) I need to move everything to. I used to use the Macbook while traveling. I updated LR (am using LR 4), and I have written all my photo files from the MyBook backup drive to a new Seagate external drive...
  16. artmaltman

    LR 2015.9 cc crashing upon export

    This newest version of Lightroom brought with it a new problem: crashing during export of jpegs. I've seen others on the net elsewhere post about this problem. Have any of you exerienced this or solved it? Thanks, Art MacBookPro 13" 2015 16g 1TB
  17. Megan

    Hard drive crashed, wedding photos gone! Help!

    Hi everyone, My wedding photographer had some of my wedding photos in Lightroom and her computer crashed (they were deleted from SD card and thery were not backed up). So, we paid $800 to have the hard drive recovered and none of the Lightroom catalogs were recovered. I am devestated so wanted...
  18. G

    Lightroom crashing (Windows version)

    I am running Lightroom CC under Windows 7, 64 bit. My computer is several years old, but should still be good enough to run Lightroom without a problem, even though my catalogue is quite large (about 26 GB). It has, however, been plagued for some considerable time by Lightroom crashing...
  19. tspear

    Lr crash on facial tagging

    FYI, I have had multiple crashes with a fairly specific sequence. Beyond using the automated reporting of the crash, I now just try and not do it. :) Anyway, in a folder with a large number of images, without pre-built previews, do a fair amount of facial tagging, moving quickly. Toward the end...
  20. jfi

    LR crash with some folders

    Hi everyone. I'm new in this forum & I have a big trouble with LR from several months now. When I navigate thru the LR browser, some folders make LR crash. It's some specific folders but I don't understand why & I don't know what to do. I try different versions but it's the same crash whatever...