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    CPU usage at 100% during Publish (or export)

    I understand that LR now uses multithreading for certain tasks, including exporting and publishing. For the sake of speeding up the process, that's wonderful. But, when I do a large publish or export, my 2015 27" iMac (quad core) becomes virtually unusable because all for cores are running at...
  2. L

    Updated LR and now fans spinning at top speed

    I updated to the latest version last week and immediately my CPU usage and fans are spinning out of control while in the develop module doing basic editing. Within seconds of leaving LR the fans and CPU spin down as you can see in the attached iStat Menu screenshot in the CPU section where it...
  3. K

    New CPU for 7-year old PC?

    Operating System:Win7 Pro 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2015.12, build 1125239 I hope I posted this in the correct forum. I don't see a forum specifically for hardware, so I posted in the forum for the version of LR I'm using. I built my rig back in 2011 — LONG...
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    New Build Advice

    I am in the process of building a workstation that will be used for my home office and lightroom. I am an 'amateur' sports photographer. I typically take and review over 2000 images during football season... System performance bottlenecks can be a pain. I shoot with a 5DMKIII in raw and...
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    Web-browsing PC to Editing PC Upgrade

    Hello all, not sure if this is the right place for this but... A year ago I built my first PC and at the time I was only interested in web-browsing and YouTube etc with the occasional session on games like Shellshock Live, which aren't very intensive. I decided on an A10-7870k with 8GB of...
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    Lightroom crashing (Windows version)

    I am running Lightroom CC under Windows 7, 64 bit. My computer is several years old, but should still be good enough to run Lightroom without a problem, even though my catalogue is quite large (about 26 GB). It has, however, been plagued for some considerable time by Lightroom crashing...