1. P

    Import Corrupted NEF Files Repair Options

    Since my internal drive is impacted with very little free drive space, I'm encountering expected system performance. As a solution, I'm transferring the bulk of my primary photo and sidecar image storage to an external RAID. After transferring the files via Finder, I added the new external...
  2. JLU

    Syncing problems due to corrupted photos imported from LR 6

    Operating System: MacOS Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom CC I have LR Classic and have recently subscribed to LR CC. I have migrated LR6 catalog to the LR CC app for Mac. I have synced my photos with the cloud and when finished I get an error message in the cloud...
  3. P

    Catalogs All of my catalogs are corrupted (pictures)

    I have backups from the last year and none of them are working. I don't know how to explain this without showing you. This is beyond catastrophic for me because I have 1,722 wedding photos to go through. I have over 12,000 photos altogether inside LR. I deleted the .lock and .lrpreview files and...