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corrupt catalog

  1. H

    Catalogs Photos missing after corrupted catalog

    I am using the subscription version of Lightroom Classic . My photos and catalog are on an external hard drive. Last night the catalog got corrupted (no idea why that happened) and could not be repaired. (It actually crashes a lot, but its never corrupted before) Fortunately I backup often...
  2. R

    LR 8.4 Catalog corrupted?

    Can anyone suggest a fix? I opened LR yesterday and discovered that while my folders are organized by year and date, files are now seemingly all over the place. What got my attention was the 2019 / 08 folder was gone, missing! It was there the night before... now gone. But if I search in the...
  3. T

    LR--Missing back up dialog box on quit

    I recently created a new LR cataloge. Unlike my two other catalogues, when I quit this one I do not get the usual "Back Up Catalog" dialogue box. Instead the catalogue just quits (without creating a back up anywhere on my computer), despite having set the back up option to "Every time...
  4. N

    Corrupt Catalog, Unable to Repair - Windows10

    Hi All, I've been having consistent Lightroom problems since installing Windows10 earlier in the year. Sometimes I turn on my computer, open Lightroom and receive the following message: "the lightroom catalog... is corrupted and cannot be used or backed up..." I tried to repair it without luck...
  5. T

    Lost Catalog due to EHDD disconnect ... last backup offers all but 29 JPGs

    Working with Lightroom for about 4 months ... have used other similar vault photo storage systems. While using an External Hard Disk Drive, it accidentally disconnected from the USB port. Although I know not recommended, I had to power down to keep the drive from spinning and humming. Could...
  6. Hali MacLaren

    corrupt main catalogue and backup-unable to repair

    Hello I have the latest version of Lightroom CC 2015.9, updated this morning.. Sometimes my Macbook Pro shuts off when using lightroom? maybe it gets too hot? I thought I turned off this feature months ago and I try to keep the laptop on a desk where it can air out as I work.. It happened again...
  7. P

    Corrupted catalog. Can anyone help fixing it?

    Hi, I migrated to a new computer because my hard drive died. I had backed up the catalog a couple days before on an external hard drive. Unfortunately, I have just that one backup. When I try to open it in Lightroom 5.7, I can see all the data there but when I try to back it up it says there is...
  8. Karly G

    Help - Lightroom catalogue accidentally deleted, now restored but corrupt!

    Hi Team Hoping someone may be able to assist... I have no idea how I've managed this - I think it was when my Mac prompted me to optimise my drive and delete various files I got a bit carried away but I lost my Lightroom catalog but also all of the backup catalogs that were still stored in the...
  9. R

    Lightroom CC won't open - corrupt catalog

    I have just decided to get the Adobe Creative Cloud and it seemed to be installing fine. Adobe Creative Cloud App installed onto my computer then I installed Lightroom. When I try open lightroom, its asks me to select a catalog, there's one option so I select it. I then get a message saying...
  10. L

    Hot mess of Lightroom catalogs and photo folders

    Hi - I'm new here. Up until about 18 months ago I had a high-performing, reliable Lightroom catalog on the Adobe Creative Cloud version. I had about 8 or 9 years of photos in the catalog, all keyworded and rated/starred. I hit the backup button fairly regularly and for a while had...