copying files and folders

  1. R

    downloading photos

    All of a sudden, when inserting a card file and choosing Import, the destination arrow to my hard drive files does not open. My choices Mac HD or Mac Backups.backupdb are available. I should have the complete folders to choose from on...
  2. Hermv2000

    Lightroom 5.7 can't find folders

    I recently bought a new PC running windows 10. My previous PC ran windows 7. I copied everything from the old pc to the new pc using software and on the new pc the photos, both raw and jpegs appear in their correct folders. When I launch Lightroom v5.7 on the new pc it can't find the folders...
  3. J

    Maintaining Folders when Exporting image files to new Hard Drive

    I needed to reformat my external hard drive where I store my backup files. Although I succeeded in exporting all 15,000 files, they did not export with their associated folders. Instead, files are now stored in numerical order (including many files with the same ID number whereby Lightroom...