converting to dng

  1. A

    Import CRAW Files doubling on conversion to DNG

    I have started using CRAW on my Canon EOS R5 but was surprised to see file sizes around 45mb in Lightroom (i.e. similar to raw files). I took two identical photos, one craw and the other raw. On the memory card they are 18.1mb and 43mb respectively but in Lightroom after conversion to DNG they...
  2. Ramona

    Missing DNGs XMPs Remain

    I sincerely hope someone here can help. I'm lost. I have just discovered on recovering several folders from backup that there are several with no DNGs, some with only XMPs and some with only JPGs. I'm here because LIghtroom was having conversion issues at one point, wouldn't convert on import...
  3. E

    Converting Files to DNG

    After I've done some editing I then want to convert my files from their RAW format, as well as TIFF files to DNG. I go back into the Library module, select all photos and then try and convert but LR only converts the first and only photo. I have in the past converted multiple photos, but why...