computer crash

  1. L

    A recurring troubling system crash... anyone else?

    I'm out of my league when it comes to troubleshooting this kind of problem. I don't know where to begin with the crash logs or what I'm looking at. Because it seems related so far to LrC usage, I'm inquiring here, as well as Apple and other fora. Any insights welcome. 2018 Intel Mac mini...
  2. Adrian Malloch

    Mac eGPU constantly maxxing out when on LR classic

    For the past 2+ years I have been using my 2018 Mac Mini i7 (64GB Ram) with an eGPU (AMD Rx580 in Razer Core X TB enclosure) with great success, but recently the GPU has started overheating and without intervention it will crash the Mac. If I leave LR Classic to build 1:1 previews for a folder...
  3. M

    Computer crashing during export

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has come across a similar problem and found a solution? My computer isn't new, I've had it for 5 years now but thought spec wise it is still ok to run Lightroom. Windows 10, 32 GB Ram, Intel i7-5820 3.30 Ghz. I keep the catalog and raw files on a MD.2 SSD drive that are...
  4. jjlad

    New Laptop coming at $2300 expense due to programming issue with LR

    Been having issues with LR crashing my computer when exporting files. It pins the CPU at 100% and then the temperatures of the CPU, GPU and Motheboard all start rising fast to 100 degrees Celsius and above and the laptop crashes totally. It appears this has irrevocably damaged my computer CPU...