1. P

    Colour difference between modules and 'before/after'

    I am finding a noticeable difference between the Library and Develop modules of the colours (reds and blues in particular) of some images recently imported into Lightroom (latest 11.2 version). My import preset only applies the chromatic aberration and lens profile corrections, but otherwise no...
  2. S

    Color and sharpness changes from LR to photoshop when using "Edit in..." action in LR

    Hi, I am starting to get a bit frustrated. I am editing a .ARW file in lightroom, which I would like to take to PSfor further editing. However, when using the "Edit in..." function, the image seems to change when opening in PS. Anyone, who has an answer to why that is? I am using the same colour...
  3. prbimages

    Color not showing as expected on Flickr and Behance

    I have a color (colour)-related problem which I am trying to understand, and would appreciate any help I can get. This is my procedure: I take a photo which I intend to publish on Flickr, and in Photoshop do "Convert to Profile" to convert to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (from ProPhoto RGB). I then add a...
  4. G

    RAW file converted to black and white on import without instruction

    Question about Lightroom 5. I've been using this software for some time. It is too old to read the raw files (RAF) from my new Fuji camera so I use the Adobe converter to convert them to DNG and then import them into LR5. Yesterday I shot an event in raw + jpeg. I used the windows 10 photos app...
  5. Bart van Hattem

    Book module background color cover lightroom book module

    Want to chnge the background color of my cover (the back cover) but can't get that done.... In the chapter 20 - book module of the Miising FAQ book I found the possible solution(if it is set to default template but) I hab-ve a photo covering the front cover totallay but can't change the color...
  6. B

    Difference in color and light

    Hi! I’m needing help with something. This just started last week. After I download my photos from Lightroom 6 to my computer, they’re different. They’re dull and the color is off. What could be causing this? Something on my computer about to go out? Thank you, Renee’
  7. pHneutral

    Different representations of colours between software

    Hi there! I hope someone can help me out, because I'm a bit puzzled. I got two colour calibrated pc's (Datacolor Spyder), and since recently I notice that between different software, photos are rendered with different saturation/contrast levels. So I noticed, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Chrome...
  8. M

    Red color blotchs in develop mode

    Hi everyone! I have a problem when editing my photos in develop mode. I get some really weird red color blotches in spots that are very bright and saturated. I made a picture of this with my phone, since the rendered image from LR won't have these red blotches. Here is my system information...
  9. mantra

    nikon d700 color and exposure jpg vs raw ,issue

    Hi i have always shoot canon 5d mark3 and 2 well i have taken some photos with a nikon d700 , the jpg looks great but the raw file the lacks of the colors and looks really very flat is there a way to import raw + jpg and have both on lightroom , and have both side by side on my monitor? in...
  10. M

    help with developing style

    Hi New to this forum , hope i have the right place for this. I am interested in learning to edit my photos in a particular style. Please can anybody give me any tips about what conisistencies these people's photos (attached) have, and what I should be aiming to do to acheive a similar look and...
  11. Shadow

    Digital Pixel / Color Blending

    A few weeks /months ago I came across a post, in a forum somewhere related to photography, that explained in digital media when blending / merging two or more colors together, they inaccurately blend and create a third / weird color. There's a technique or way to setup Adobe products (that was...
  12. P


    HI, I am changing from a PC to a Mac and just loaded LR4 on my Mac. The color sort filters are not showing in the filter area, nor is there an option for a color filter in the filter drop down menu. I am able to give an image a filter color, a star, and a pick and an x, but am unable to sort...
  13. K

    Adjustment brush with color - can't get the color I set.

    Hi all - I'd appreciate an explanation of how colored adjustment brushes work. What I see is that even when I have an absolutely white area (R,G.B)= (100,100,100)% on the histogram, and I select brush color as H=0;S=100, which gives a seemingly pure Red, my brush with (Feather-0, Flow=100 and...
  14. TexasPilot

    Photographing Gold Coins - Losing Gold Lustre and Color

    I am assisting a friend in photographing a few gold coins he has. We are achieving wonderful, exquisite, sharp detail but I can't seem to capture the gold color and lustre/shine. Any advice would be appreciated. Lightroom CC Nikon D5500 Sigma 18-38 1.8 ART Lens Thanks
  15. G

    Orange Mask Preset

    Hi Guys, So I mess around occasionally scanning old 35mm negatives. I use a Plustek scanner with Silverfast 8.0. Sometimes an orange mask is applied to a B+W image and the orange colour stays on the file. In other words it doesn't just increase the contrast like an orange filter normally would...