color adjustment

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    A little help with color

    first of all: English is not my language. Sorry for any mistakes. So. I take photos and work on them amateurishly. It's a hobby. Usually B&W or full of dark shadows and a single direct light source. But I also take others in order to draw on the photos. Sooooo.... the help I need from you...
  2. K

    Using sampled color from one photo on new photo?

    I developed a nice green color to change tree color on a series of related photos. How and where do I save that new color to paint on other photos
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    Colour Temp Setting

    Beginner question, Im afraid. Hitherto I've used the temp slider to tweak the colour temp of an imagem and not really paid much attention to the numeric value. But today Ive noticed something puzzling. I took the same picture ( a dinner party) twice, once with flash and once without. Both...
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    How to adjust color in 2 dimensions rather than 1 dimension (slider)

    I started with color photography in the dark ages in dark rooms with no lights and nasty chemicals. Digital photography is better in virtually every way except one- making subtle color adjustments. In the old days we did all of our color adjustments using a 2 dimensional color wheel...