1. W

    Smart Collection with persons name

    If I select a metadata keyword and specify Joe Jones how do I prevent it from getting Joe Smith as well?
  2. jjlad

    Publish Service from Smart Collection?

    Hi there, I just did a wedding and now have the images in LR and I've done edits sufficient for thumb driving for the couple. After that I'll start on their album. What I envision doing is making a smart collection of all the 3+ rated images to put on their thumb drive, but also be able to use...
  3. B

    Very strange sync issue in LrC. Pics disappearing from collections.

    I noticed recently that a few collections in my catalogue were empty. It seemed very random. I located the pics that were supposed to be in those collections in theri folders. When I tried to re-add them back to their collections, they would add. but then immediately disappear a few seconds...
  4. iSeek

    Copying Collections List from Original to Photoshop-Edited Photo

    Let's say I have a photo in raw format and in the course of working with it in Lightroom I've added it to multiple collections. Now I decide to edit it in PhotoShop, which results in a derived tiff file. It's named <original name>-Edit.tif and is stacked with the original raw file. The derived...
  5. g2iSite

    how to upload lightroom classic collections to Flickr

    I want to be able to create collections in LrC, and then effectively drag that collection into the Flickr publish service, rather than having to create a duplicate collection in the Flickr publish collection. is this possible? thanks!
  6. Patrick Bennett

    Moving to a new catalogue, pitfalls?

    I've been using a single catalogue for years, about 130k images, and it's gotten very slow, maybe buggy (I optimize it regularly) so I'm creating a new catalogue and moving images over. I realize a number of pitfalls like published collections, etc. Is there a way to take some/all of my previous...
  7. pedz

    Collections Idea

    Currently I take a trip (lets say) and I come home and I put all the photos in one collection and call it "Foo Trip". Then after some fiddling I might make a smart collection and call it "Best of Foo Trip". Or in a recent example I have a smart collection called "Birds of Foo Trip". But my...
  8. 57Andrew

    DxO files and collections

    I have DxO PureRaw as a plug in and I am very happy with it. However when it imports the processed file to the original folder it also adds it to a collection. I don't want this and I have tried deleting the collection folder. It simply creates a new one next time. DxO says it is nothing to do...
  9. A

    LrC and LR synching woes

    Great original content, great forum, thank you, Victoria. I feel I have wasted too much time trying to find answers on my own or going to the semi-official Adobe support forum. I see that there is an LrC and an LR subforums. There should be one for "Trying to live in LrC and LR at once and...
  10. F

    Collections Unlinked with Catalog

    Please help! I am having serious problem with Lightroom Classic. I shot myself in my foot by changing my folder and file structure outside of Lightroom. I relocated my photos to their locations by syncing to the new locations. I can see and work on all photos at the new location. However...
  11. celeste

    Corrupted collection - do I need to restore entire catalog?

    I was working in a rather large collection, when it stopped allowing me to delete photos from the collection. I could still view in the library, and navigate around, but not delete. I selected all the photos in the collection and made a new collection with a different name. When I tried to...
  12. K

    Collections by client

    Hi, I want to start (finally) using collections in Lightroom Classic. But I want to have smart collections by customer. Not all customers but for example the top ten or so. Where do I have to enter the customers name in the metadata so that a collection can pick it up automatically?
  13. dzkohn

    Can't place photos into collections

    All of a sudden (it was working yesterday) I am unable to place photos from my library into collections. If I select several photos from a folder, as soon as I try to drag them to a collection they become unselected. When I try to just drag a single photo nothing happens. Did something...
  14. B

    How to create smart collection based on existence of Title

    This used to work, but now does not, as LRC 11.0. I want to create a smart collection based a small number of criteria -- has star rating at least 2, has color flag of blue, and has a title assigned. The first two work fine. However, it refused to filter based on "title is not empty." I...
  15. iSeek

    Using External Editor (PS), Keep Same Collections as Original

    I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do this or if my workflow is wrong. I have my RAW files in LR with ratings, keywords and collections. When I use an external editor (e.g., PS) on a photo, a "derived" TIFF file comes back to LR, and it has the same ratings and keywords as the original...
  16. S

    Sync a folder with a collection of that folder

    I would like to have a collection of images (from one folder) that is synchronized with it's parent folder so, if I add or delete an image in the parent folder the collection reflects the changes. Any thoughts how to do this?
  17. bill.fischer5

    Deleting synced images: Is there a way to tell what collections a synced image is in? & How to know if a photo is not in any collection?

    I want to re-organize my synced images. All fo my main work is usually done in LRC. I only want images in LR that are in collections I am working on remotely or sharing with other people. I also have photos taken on my iphone using the LR camera app. I want to be sure they are in LRC before...
  18. R

    Duplicated collections

    I've put together a large project shot over two days. I have a collection set called Show 2021 and under that collections based on two cameras (they have different lenses - I'm OK with this). When I was going through images from the Show 2021 collection set (selected the folder), I wanted to...
  19. P

    Exporting Collections and Collection sets to a new LR catalog

    I've got a massive Lightroom catalog (I use only one for all images), however, there is a corruption in the keyword database where an errant word (*brid) is added to ALL images when selecting "Will Export". I have checked everywhere in the keyword structure and this errant word is not a synonym...
  20. C

    Request for advice re rating or flagging or otherwise grading images differently over multiple collections.

    Hi, I was just double checking something simple about flagging in collections and a LR employee forum post from 2011 said that flags are collection dependent so that you could have the same photo in several collections with different flags in each- so rejected in one set and picked in another...
  21. T

    Will LR Classic Fix Collections Performance

    Intermittently but most time get spinning circle i.e. locked up LR 6 when moving pics into a Collection. DB has 100,000+ pics in it. Don't desire or intend to break up the DB. Wondering if upgrading to LR Classic would eliminate this issue? On a fast W10 desktop with plenty of memory, disk...
  22. W

    Snapshots and Collections

    I am looking for an explanation of how Lightroom Classic (LC) handles these objects - Snapshots and Collections. In particular, I am interested in how much additional memory these take, either with the catalog or in my images location on my hard drive - where and how are these stored. The...
  23. pn1

    Library module Locating pictures NOT in a collection

    I am working on my Lightroom Classic catalog(ue) of more than 150,000 pictures and am happy with what I've done so far. The assistance of the Lightroom Queen website and publications has been inval;uable. Right now, I am looking for a quick and simple way of identifying which pictures are NOT...
  24. G

    Publish Services Exporting collections hierarchy to Smugmug

    Hi Everyone, I have a nicely created collections hierarchy in LR Classic (continent>country>location> event (YYYY). I would like to synchronise the full structure (100s of collections) to Smugmug, using the LR Smugmug plugin. Is there an easy way to do this, other than recreating each folder...
  25. J

    Collections missing in LR 10.0

    Just installed LrC 10.0 and all is working EXCEPT all of my very useful Collections are missing. (Note: even in the previous version it was often the case that when opening the Collections tab only one would show. But after closing and then reopening, all were there.) I have spent a lot of time...