1. I

    Using External Editor (PS), Keep Same Collections as Original

    I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do this or if my workflow is wrong. I have my RAW files in LR with ratings, keywords and collections. When I use an external editor (e.g., PS) on a photo, a "derived" TIFF file comes back to LR, and it has the same ratings and keywords as the original...
  2. S

    Sync a folder with a collection of that folder

    I would like to have a collection of images (from one folder) that is synchronized with it's parent folder so, if I add or delete an image in the parent folder the collection reflects the changes. Any thoughts how to do this?
  3. bill.fischer5

    Deleting synced images: Is there a way to tell what collections a synced image is in? & How to know if a photo is not in any collection?

    I want to re-organize my synced images. All fo my main work is usually done in LRC. I only want images in LR that are in collections I am working on remotely or sharing with other people. I also have photos taken on my iphone using the LR camera app. I want to be sure they are in LRC before...
  4. R

    Duplicated collections

    I've put together a large project shot over two days. I have a collection set called Show 2021 and under that collections based on two cameras (they have different lenses - I'm OK with this). When I was going through images from the Show 2021 collection set (selected the folder), I wanted to...
  5. P

    Exporting Collections and Collection sets to a new LR catalog

    I've got a massive Lightroom catalog (I use only one for all images), however, there is a corruption in the keyword database where an errant word (*brid) is added to ALL images when selecting "Will Export". I have checked everywhere in the keyword structure and this errant word is not a synonym...
  6. C

    Request for advice re rating or flagging or otherwise grading images differently over multiple collections.

    Hi, I was just double checking something simple about flagging in collections and a LR employee forum post from 2011 said that flags are collection dependent so that you could have the same photo in several collections with different flags in each- so rejected in one set and picked in another...
  7. T

    Will LR Classic Fix Collections Performance

    Intermittently but most time get spinning circle i.e. locked up LR 6 when moving pics into a Collection. DB has 100,000+ pics in it. Don't desire or intend to break up the DB. Wondering if upgrading to LR Classic would eliminate this issue? On a fast W10 desktop with plenty of memory, disk...
  8. W

    Snapshots and Collections

    I am looking for an explanation of how Lightroom Classic (LC) handles these objects - Snapshots and Collections. In particular, I am interested in how much additional memory these take, either with the catalog or in my images location on my hard drive - where and how are these stored. The...
  9. pn1

    Library module Locating pictures NOT in a collection

    I am working on my Lightroom Classic catalog(ue) of more than 150,000 pictures and am happy with what I've done so far. The assistance of the Lightroom Queen website and publications has been inval;uable. Right now, I am looking for a quick and simple way of identifying which pictures are NOT...
  10. G

    Publish Services Exporting collections hierarchy to Smugmug

    Hi Everyone, I have a nicely created collections hierarchy in LR Classic (continent>country>location> event (YYYY). I would like to synchronise the full structure (100s of collections) to Smugmug, using the LR Smugmug plugin. Is there an easy way to do this, other than recreating each folder...
  11. J

    Collections missing in LR 10.0

    Just installed LrC 10.0 and all is working EXCEPT all of my very useful Collections are missing. (Note: even in the previous version it was often the case that when opening the Collections tab only one would show. But after closing and then reopening, all were there.) I have spent a lot of time...
  12. D

    Lost some of my Collections after merging catalogs

    I created a new master catalog per your instructions and then imported my other catalogs. Somehow in the process some of my collections are now missing. How can I bring those back? Everything else seems fine so far. Thanks! Debbie
  13. Jay Clulow

    Exporting to Photoshop from collection (Not syncing back)

    Hi, I've been exporting my images from collections in Lightroom Classic and once the edit is finished it used to re-appear back in Lightroom next to the raw it was exported from. For some reason this has stopped working? It is saving in the same folder as the raw as you can see it when you...
  14. frank raney

    Converting a collection to a smart collection

    I have decided it is better to use smart collections. I have created some, but now am trying to convert my regular collections to smart ones. Can this be done? If so, how? Thanks lots in advance... Frank
  15. D

    Collections tags - transfer to another image

    Is there any way to transfer the collection tags associated with one image file to another image file? For instance, I have a low res scan of an image that is present in 10 collections; I make a high res scan of the image and then would like to include it in the same 10 collections (and then...
  16. P

    Rearranging order of Collections in panel

    How can I get all the top-level folders in the Collections window arranged in alphabetical order? How can I rename the CurrentWorkingSet collection to be at the very top of this list of folders, instead of at the bottom? Phil Burton
  17. C

    Collection not working as expected

    Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here. I've stared at it for several hours and cannot see my mistake. Scanning in a approx 750 old photos. Since the date of capture is unknown (in most cases), I have added a keyword eg 1930's, 1940's …. etc. to those that I can put a pretty good guess...
  18. vtanzi

    Problem with Collections

    Over the weekend I moved all my photos & catalog from HD-1 to HD-2. I have all my photos so no problem. Where I have a problem is that my Collections are still referencing the old HD-1. If I click Locate--it says the photos is associated with another in the catalog. I have no idea what to...
  19. Antonio Correia

    Catalogs, settings and Back-ups

    I have 1 MacBook + 1 iMac + 1 LaCie drive. I work with all my available images stored in the last device with one computer or the other. Sometimes I make Back-ups And - sometimes - I used to erase the created folders. Not any more. Each time I erased and old Back-up I had problems about missing...
  20. R

    Library module Copying collections with stacks

    I have a collection in Lr that I split into a number of smaller collections. When I selected subsets of the original collection and dragged them into the smaller collections, I ended up with a smaller total number of photos. As in the thread "Library module: Inconsistency in Collection count...
  21. C

    Publish thousands of items to a website using collections

    Hi All I'm new here and have enjoyed reading some excellent advice in the threads, it's clear there are soem real experts here! I have been using Lightroom for years and have many collections. I'd now like to use it to publish thousands of images that I have to show 10's of thousands of images...
  22. B

    Collection images and Key-worded images missing

    I recently moved my images to a new drive with a new path. I used the OS (OS X 10.13.3) to make the move. Then I imported the entire batch of images to a fresh catalog. Now many of my collections are only partially populated. As well my keywords no longer bring up the images either. The images...
  23. L

    Library module Each new collection adds sequence number to file name

    Since the most recent update, everytime I put a file into a new collection Lightroom adds a sequence number to the file name. After I import from a memory card I put all the new photos into a collection then edit out and remove the shots I don't want. I then make several collections from the...
  24. T

    Preserving custom order in collections?

    Operating System: MacOS 10.13.3 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC (version 7.2) I’m working in Collections. I rearrange some images into a custom order. When I select a group of these images and drag them into a new collection, they frequently (but not always) show...
  25. Jay Clulow

    Syncing Classic with CC. My solution.

    Hi all, What I am trying to achieve here is the ability to have my entire library locally configured in Classic with access to everything via CC. This is how I have achieved this so far; Images are imported into a folder structure. This is the structure; Camera; Canon 5D Mark II/ Canon 5D...