1. dzkohn

    Can't place photos into collections

    All of a sudden (it was working yesterday) I am unable to place photos from my library into collections. If I select several photos from a folder, as soon as I try to drag them to a collection they become unselected. When I try to just drag a single photo nothing happens. Did something...
  2. P

    After upgrading to LightRoom Classic v 11.0.1 - lost content in Collections

    After upgrading to LL Classic 11.0.1, I noted that all my Collections are empty - the Collections are still there but they are all empty. Smart Collections are still OK and all Keywords etc still seem intact. What happened? Please advise
  3. A

    No more outside links

    Long time user of Lightroom, newest version, running on the latest Catalina (I know that may be my problem) So, I have been sharing over a dozen collection folders with friends and family for the last few months, and everything worked well, until today. Suddenly, the collection folders don't...