1. Karyn

    Gnarbox, SSD, and LR Mobile --> LR Classic?

    Operating System:iOS MBP 10.13.1, iPhone X (with the new files app working great and integration with LR Mobile), iPad Pro 11.1.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.0.1 NOTE: I cross-posted this in a different forum (Lightroom Classic) and then realized it is really a mobile...
  2. J

    can I sync two catalogs?

    I have a default catalog in one machine which is synced with my mobile devices (cell phone) through the cloud . But my other catalog on my laptop won't be synced or could not see the shared collections. I searched solution before and it seems I have to close the other one in order to 'register'...
  3. G

    Automatic Synchronisation between devices without plugging in

    Hi, I was wondering, if Lightroom provides a function for the direct automatic synchronization between devices using W-Lan ... iPhone to Mac+External backup drive... uploading new images automatically... What if I need to delete some pictures on the iPhone but want to keep them on the Mac...
  4. stones

    accessing the cloud

    So, can I access photos on my cloud storage with Lightroom? These photos are not located on my laptop but on an external hard drive and the cloud.