1. B

    Cloud Backup

    I currently use Lightroom cc and really like the ability to pull up photos from the cloud but want to take advantage of the features in Classic. Is there a cloud based solution that I can sync my Classic photos to and be able to view remotely?
  2. contact_3

    Having sync issues between Lr (Cloud based) and LrC (Classic)

    I used to be able to create albums in the cloud based version of Lightroom (Lr), and since my Lightroom Classic is connected to the cloud, I would see a new collection in LrC that would match the newly created album in Lr. Now, this doesn't happen anymore. I only noticed yesterday, but it might...
  3. D

    Online keyword syncing

    I have a large catalog in Lightroom Classic that I need to collaborate with some people to remotely keyword the images. LRCC of course doesn't sync keywords:bored:. I've tried several photo hosting services (smugmug, zenfolio), but I've run into some issues with them. All I want to do is publish...
  4. N

    Synching problem on LrC

    I have returned to Lightroom (Lightroom Classic) after 2-3 years away. I own the vers 6.14 Perpetual Version of Lr, and have been using that to create my catalogs, using ‘Import from Another Catalog’ where I could. I ended up with 3 ‘new’ catalogs covering roughly the last 15 years of my...
  5. I

    Sync Images not always synchronising properly to Lr

    Hi I edit images from LrC in Photoshop and save them back as TIF files. These TIF files are usually in a Collection to force them to synchronise to Lr on my iPad for viewing. I have noticed that not all files synchronise properly, for example, a file I was working on earlier is b&w but when...
  6. A

    Issues with orphaned photos when syncing from Lightroom classic

    Hi, I need your help. Probably I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure it out. I'm syncing selected collections with the Lightroom cloud (from Lightroom classic) to edit them on my iPad. Works fine so far. When I remove a collection from the sync it disappears on the iPad and in the...
  7. carlosfandango

    iPadOS - uploading from a card

    Now iPadOS has launched, it's possible for the Files app to read from a card reader via the USB-C port. I was hoping that Lr Cloud would be able to directly import photos from a card this way, but it appears it can only see the camera roll I guess I could move the photos from the card to the...
  8. andrew.j.crouch

    Classic 8.4 not syncing completely sticking at 31, a bug?

    Hi all, I've noticed quite a few threads about the syncing with the cloud being broken and not completely uploading since upgrading. I've been on the Adobe forum and haven't had a lot of help with the usual methods being advise on, which don't work by the way! I am stuck on 31 files with it...
  9. D

    best way to use Lr Classic with catalog and images ALL in the cloud

    Hello All Any advice on the following would be hugely appreciated. I am considering changing my Lightroom set-up so that my pics are in the cloud, but before I go to the effort and expense it would be extremely helpful to get the guidance of people on here. Here's my current set up: I have a...
  10. Luc Desaulniers

    Is this workflow possible/viable?

    Good day. My 2012 Retina MBP is beginning to show its age and I am (still) looking for an upgrade. I am currently using Lr CC Classic to edit along with a few plugins for my monochromatic conversions. I was looking at purchasing a new MBP but am intrigued by the newest iPad Pros. I am trying...
  11. Stefan Aalten-Voogd

    Lightroom CC + shared folders on OneDrive

    Hi, I have a question about my specific setup and whether Lightroom sync and OneDrive can work together. My wife and I each have Windows laptops and OneDrive accounts. We use shared folders on OneDrive to share files between us. Nominally I have all the "master" photographs (350GB, 90,000...
  12. GuldbrandRasmussen

    Sync Sync CC to Classic cause file coruption "An unexpected end-of-file occurred." (Windows 10)

    It seems my post was caught in the breakdown, so I'll try again. When I sync from CC on a laptop back to my desk with LR Classic, I sometimes get corrupt files on the desktop. Maybe one in every 100. It has been going on for a while. The file exist in the cloud and I can download it from the...
  13. J

    To continue using LR CC or not?

    Operating System: macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):1.2 [ 20180131-1556-7f481f8 ] (Feb 1 2018) My aim is to find a way of storing my photos in the Adobe Cloud. I am not really convinced that CC is for me yet as it lacks some features that I find useful...
  14. A

    Subscription Pricing--and now what?

    After 10 years of LR, starting from the first beta, it's now time to switch. The subscription model and force to use their cloud is a clever move to make more money with the existing customer base. But this is not future proof for me, as I don't want to get locked in. (plus price is at least 3x...
  15. J

    Adobe Cloud managment

    Mobile Operating System: iOS Desktop Operating System: WIN 7 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Adobe CC What is the easiest way to remove photos from the Adobe Cloud? Photos were uploaded on Adobe CC on an iPAD, which placed the full RAW file in the cloud and synced to Adobe...
  16. F

    How to sync catalogue from Mobile to Classic?

    Operating System: Mac Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2017 Hi all, My old laptop died, bought a new one and arrived today. All very exciting but realised I did not backup the latest catalogue I was using, it only lives on the cloud catalogue of Lightroom mobile...
  17. Karyn

    Gnarbox, SSD, and LR Mobile --> LR Classic?

    Operating System:iOS MBP 10.13.1, iPhone X (with the new files app working great and integration with LR Mobile), iPad Pro 11.1.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.0.1 NOTE: I cross-posted this in a different forum (Lightroom Classic) and then realized it is really a mobile...
  18. J

    can I sync two catalogs?

    I have a default catalog in one machine which is synced with my mobile devices (cell phone) through the cloud . But my other catalog on my laptop won't be synced or could not see the shared collections. I searched solution before and it seems I have to close the other one in order to 'register'...
  19. G

    Automatic Synchronisation between devices without plugging in

    Hi, I was wondering, if Lightroom provides a function for the direct automatic synchronization between devices using W-Lan ... iPhone to Mac+External backup drive... uploading new images automatically... What if I need to delete some pictures on the iPhone but want to keep them on the Mac...
  20. stones

    accessing the cloud

    So, can I access photos on my cloud storage with Lightroom? These photos are not located on my laptop but on an external hard drive and the cloud.