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cloud storage

  1. R

    Export Can I delete my Images Edited in Lightroom Classic?

    I transferred my entire library of images on my laptop to Lightroom (cloud-based) as I subscribe to Adobe's 1 TB Photography plan, and I am getting a new laptop, so I didn't know of a better place to put them. Should I delete these now, or transfer them to an external hard disk drive? I know...
  2. charleskinghorn

    Splitting my catalog between LR Classic and Lightroom on the Cloud

    I have posted this in the Adobe Support Community asking for feedback and suggestions, but I would appreciate very much any feedback from the members of this forum. Adobe ID
  3. N

    Importing album into Lightroom CC (cloud)

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of photos - organised by folders on my external hard drive - that I would like to import into my Lightroom CC cloud storage. I would like the photos to be imported into Lightroom CC cloud storage as albums that mimic the name and contents of the folders from the...
  4. E

    Keeping Cloud Storage Low

    I am content with the features of Cloudy (vs Classic), for my amateur photo purposes. However I also have Classic only to "delete" the imported synced images (removing them from the Cloud) and then adding to collections (Albums) to upload as a Smart-Sync to simply save space on the Cloud. Is...
  5. T

    Lightroom Classic mobile sync and lightroom cc deletions....

    Hi All, I have been happily using Classic and using sync so that I can edit images on my tablet/phone from wherever. I realised the other day that I was using up my 20gb cloud storage and wondered why...I un-synced several collections only to find that I am still up to 16GB of my 20 in the...
  6. F

    Catalogs Move LR pics from old hard drive onto cloud location in LR catalogue.

    1) I have given up on my hard drive archiving now and have moved all the years-old images to a cloud. How can i make them accessible through my LR catalogue; this is just a locations change in my book. What used to be catalogued under F_Archive (name of previous hard drive) now sits at...